5* awaken hawkeye or non awak agent venom

So i finally have 3 skill t4cats amd want to upgrade one of these 2 guys.
I dont like hawkeye. Buy yest it became awaken. My agent venom is not. Pls suggest if u wish. I d9nt think im getting another 5* skill champ soon. So one of them will get upgraded. Tnx

5* awaken hawkeye or non awak agent venom 20 votes

Awaken hawkeye
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Non aw agent venom
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  • Neither
  • Noob1980Noob1980 Posts: 1
    Awaken hawkeye
    Why don’t you like Hawkeye. He has good bleed. His hemorrhage is extremely useful and his l1 power drain is spammable. But.....if you don’t like Hawkeye(not sure why) then sit on the cats and wait for blade or gwenpool
  • ArondightArondight Posts: 58
    Hawkeye is great for questing.
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