Resonate mastery is bugged

Okay so for a while now I've been having problems. I cant parry and I've also been getting interrupted on the fifth hit of my 5 hit combo regardless of which champion I am using. At first I thought okay I'm not doing this right even though I've been playing this game for years. I thought everybody has a bad day and then I stopped having these issues all of a sudden and thought okay yeah it was just me. It went good for a couple weeks and then it started up again. For example today in the AQ I was on path 7 and the first two fights against the sentinels went great. Didn't get hit once. then I went to go fight rogue and I thought okay I'm going to use void. I decided to move one of my mastery points and put it in resonate because the weakness debuff it causes causes extra damage when you're playing with void. During that fight I was in the middle of a 5 hit combo and the first four hits made contact but when the animation began for the fifth hit rogue interrupted my 5 hit combo and nearly killed me. That's impossible. There was no delay in me hitting her yet she recovered and interrupted my fifth hit and nearly killed me. I thought possibly I made a mistake. The more I thought about it I realized I didn't but I let it go. The next fight was against Old Man Logan and that fight went great. No issues, however I wasn't fighting him the same way that I fought rogue. Then I used Medusa against Gambit. It happened again. I was in the middle of a 5 hit combo with Medusa and as the animation was proceeding with fifth hit he recovered and started hitting me and nearly killed me. Then I thought about it and I realized parry wasn't really working either. The only thing I changed was I put one mastery point in resonate. The more I thought about it I realized my issues with parry stopped when I stopped using the resonate mastery. As soon as I activated it a little while ago all my problems came back. During the fights I am partying the enemy champions and it is saying parry on the screen but they are not actually being parried and my 5 hit combos are being interrupted on the 5th hit. However it only happens when the resonate mastery activates. I've been playing around for the past 30 minutes with this in my head and every time you are supposed to parry an enemy champion and the resonate mastery activates they do not become stunned and if it activates on the fourth hit of your 5 hit combo you cannot connect with the fifth hit and somehow they are recovering and interrupting your combo so right after you begin the fifth hit they interrupt your combo and kick your ass. I've been talking to other players in my alliance and I had another player who has this mastery unlocked use and set up his masteries exactly like mine and he noticed the same issues. Has anybody else been noticing this type of behavior and are you using the resonate mastery?


  • I might be wrong about how it's affecting my gameplay. That was just a guess but I am 100% positive this mastery is causing these problems somehow.
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958
    i have it.
    i have not seen anything even resembling what you are talking about.
  • My roommate played my game using my account and he also plays the game but in another alliance. He had the same experience I did. He completely agreed with me that something is screwy. Another player in my alliance had the exact same issues when they activated that mastery. The other guy in my alliance and myself both use Google phones. I have the Google pixel 2 XL and he has the Google pixel 3 XL. Maybe that has something to do with it but I really don't know for sure ☹️
  • What I do know is as soon as I took the mastery point away from resonate the issues stopped immediately.
  • MaatMan said:

    i have it.
    i have not seen anything even resembling what you are talking about.

    What phone do you use to play? Or device if it's not a phone?
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