So basically, when i kick some noob in my alliance, almost automatically someone joins AS SOON as i kick them and most of them act like bots, please fix this


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    Do you have your Alliance listed as OPEN or BY REQUEST ? Shouldn’t be able to automatically join if it is BY REQUEST (or CLOSED). Keep in mind new Alliance matching system for people looking to join alliances, no more having to search thru tons of dead alliances, so yours might be popping up by the new system as people are looking to join.
  • Hey there, as some have mentioned, you may want to make sure that your Alliance is set to "join by request only".
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    Zibiit, might actually be nice to let OPEN alliances set a MINIMUM RATING required to be able to join without being invited, would also then let your new system avoid displaying that alliance when people below that rating are using the system to find an alliance.

    Obviously Rating does not always indicate how strong a player they are, but would weed out having a bunch of really low 50k rated people auto-joining an Open alliance that is like a 10m casual alliance. Or does your new system already take that into consideration ?
  • sorry for the late reply, but yes i have it set as open because i want more real people (not bots) in it I agree with minimum thing because it also prevents areno botters from harming alliancce.
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