Looking for a good alliance

Hey All,
Looking for an alliance that is active and does some war frequently. And also just a nice alliance.
Thanks in advance!


  • OnkyOnky Posts: 50
    My line id is onky707. I might have a spot if you meet the requirements.
  • ShankingtonShankington Posts: 54
    Hi Mini. Do you have Line? My ID is 4each2
  • Archangel442Archangel442 Posts: 154
    Would love to talk to you, add archangel442 on line
  • MonkMonk Posts: 8
    My line ID IS Brhyno. Would love to chat if you are still looking
  • Crooner66Crooner66 Posts: 8
    Would love to talk to you. We're Gold2, AW+AQ map 5 100%. Line ID @Crooner66. Same in-game ID. FUN international alliance. Good people, great fighters. Hope to hear from you! :-)
  • Juggling3Juggling3 Posts: 26
    Line ID: j_gg
  • Mx268Mx268 Posts: 13
    edited March 16
    Line ID: Mx.268
    Alliance: SharpHitterZ
    3bgs Wars
    3bgs AQ map 44333-3-2
  • SiabhSiabh Posts: 41
    We can talk on line id siabh00
  • Major4Major4 Posts: 82
    If you are still looking add me, line id
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