Making Dungeons Appealing!

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Probably the most awkward content in the game (due to having to play for like 30 min straight to get to a decent room), I feel like that plus the not-very-flashy rewards makes for it to be ignored, which stinks cause it definitely has potential. Maybe instead of (or on top of) having a different class every day, have a different reward type every day (shards, cats, healing, gold, boosts, iso-8 ).

To make a bad analogy that sort of makes sense, the alchemist crystals in a dungeon (not exactly that, but the same generic idea)

Good idea? Thoughts?

Making Dungeons Appealing! 13 votes

Good idea
Duke_Silver 1 vote
You're in the right direction but not quite...
BlackFreQuencyRehan010_StevieManWonderNarwhal52x 4 votes
Bad idea: dungeon rewards are fine
Voltolos 1 vote
Bad idea: here's why...
I don't care about dungeons but I like voting in polls : D
Skeleton777Feeney234VuDahhiddenblizzardFhfjghhggggjfhfjgREiiGN15 6 votes
LeNoirFaineant 1 vote


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    You're in the right direction but not quite...
    All I think they need to do for dungeons to be better is reduce cool down timers by at least a third, add more gold to milestones, have the option to reject a random partner before the match starts, and make the crystals be prestige based again rather than based on how many 5 and 4 star champs you have.
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    I don't care about dungeons but I like voting in polls : D
    Make Dungeons Great Again: set the cooldown timers backo where they were.

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    Drooped2 said:

    I'm a cynical person who hates most people. Make them solo content. Remove the regen from boss.

    Make the player choose which of the 2 nodes effects the mini on the same side and allow choice.

    Ie same map.

    But remove guy 2
    And have the nodes effect the same side as the fight..

    Also bah other people

    You may or may not be sarcastic, but it would be nice to be able to mitigate some of the negative effects of a bad partner ruining your experience. Also making dungeon crystals slightly cheaper would be nice, since i only get just over 1000 fragments or whatever they’re called per dungeon days (tier 2) and it takes me over the two weeks that dungeons run to get a 4* that probably sucks
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    There really isn't much they can do about people who go MI or aren't as skilled. It's Gen Pop. There are all different types of people. Best bet is to Friend someone you know who rolls like you. Less stress. Run Matchmaking just for the Bonus. That's what I usually do. Unless I'm in a hurry to hit a Milestone and no one is around.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 5,348 ★★★★★
    Increase the rewards so that you get a crystal faster and remove the stupid one crystal limit so that we can try for the champ we want if we miss the first time.
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