A synergy that makes Black Panther better as an attacker.

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  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,113 ★★★
    Do you know if it stacks?
  • ClatoniusClatonius Posts: 209 ★★
    It does I tried it.
  • ClatoniusClatonius Posts: 209 ★★
    My Black Panther is 5* at R3
  • ClatoniusClatonius Posts: 209 ★★
    You must have misunderstand it.Perhaps try it yourself
  • ClatoniusClatonius Posts: 209 ★★
    I can show you proof if you want.
  • You know what’s annoying about that synergy? When parrying Drax he only gains one fury, whereas say cap iw would gain 2 kinetic charges
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,169 ★★★★★
    It's a decent synergy though. It really does make BPCW a far more effective attacker. Fifteen seconds is a loooooooooong Fury buff.

    You can definitely stack the buffs; I've had 3-4 at a time. The synergy doesn't stack; so if you have BPCW and two Killmongers in a team, you only get one Fury per block.
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 822 ★★★
    Yep, it works, it makes him a very viable champion and yes, the furies stack and he does some great damage. With Killmonger and Sabertooth, they have been the basis for one of my questing teams.
  • It does feel pretty nice on Black Panther after Parrying a couple times. Plus it can be very helpful for Killmonger in particular fights and is just generally fun anyway.
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