First 5 star R5(5/65)

First 5 star R5(5/65) 57 votes

Duped Hyperion
OneManArmyStevenDoran7Stagedear85Maldroit2TBuchanan24MoudouTheSpicyKnightTheSquish671RockypantherxDanasjonẞlооdFred_JoeityHuntspyjThicco_ModeLazuli 15 votes
Unduped Corvus
Anurag1606Stark78Alfarsay3rPeterQuillXxLoganTDCxXClydaniaanubhavdivinegamerFhfjghhggggjfhfjgCtleath_013 9 votes
Duped Void
IcehawklbA l p h aSpiderCoolsaxelelf_1Austin555555Incitatus666Wabobashadow_lurker22Username17MattyyAmpx115 11 votes
Duped Blade(Have 4* Stark spidy and 4* ghost rider both 5/50)
Kenny292Haji_SaabGriffoplaySai_7HENRIQUE_FORTEBF100Sirius111ChampioncriticMarvel2289TJ107MrOnizukaDennis_83yoyosharkmrclever8Sérgio_321Will43PerceptronNarwhal52x 18 votes
Duped Star lord
CrkwestVbnmeJessbo 3 votes
Unduped Luke Cage
Spity68 1 vote
Duped Dr. Voodoo


  • axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    Duped Void
    I have r5 void, sparky, and omega red and void is my most valuable/used.
  • BF100BF100 Posts: 7
    Duped Blade(Have 4* Stark spidy and 4* ghost rider both 5/50)
    U have the trinity even though spidystark an ghostR are 4stars. Corvus is also amazing hits hard as hell, Void is great but battles have 2 last long for him 2 be really effective also I bet he will soon get nerfed an wont b as effective . Just my opinion
  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 96
    Share your experience guys. You know how precious tier 5 catalysts are.
  • yoyosharkyoyoshark Posts: 33
    Duped Blade(Have 4* Stark spidy and 4* ghost rider both 5/50)
    I'm in a very similar situation as you are, and I haven't pulled the trigger on ranking up my first 5* to R5. I'm leaning towards ranking up my duped Blade (over my duped Corvus, duped Void, and soon-to-be-duped AA) because I have the full trinity as maxed-out 4*, and a 5* GR.

    I don't think you can really go wrong between Blade, Void or Hyperion, it might come down to what you are going to use them for. A 5* duped Blade with his regeneration is super useful for story and event quests, he saves you a lot of units.

    But if you are trying to tackle Act 6, I'm not sure cause I haven't started that yet. Would love to know what you end up doing and why!
  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 96
    Thanks Everyone
  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 96
    When I started poll I was more inclined with corvus. Looks like blade void hype are better than him
  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 96
    @yoyoshark : I am done with 100% Act 5. I may start Act 6. My main focus is to clear all monthly event quest epic or uncollected 100%.
  • GriffoplayGriffoplay Posts: 196
    Duped Blade(Have 4* Stark spidy and 4* ghost rider both 5/50)
    Voted for Blade couse you have the synergy team and can halp you a lot in month event and act IV and V. If you do not have problem with those contents then maybe duped void
  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 96

    Just to give more idea. This is my current roster.
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