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Gifting Badge Discussion [Merged Threads]



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    MonstaMarv23MonstaMarv23 Posts: 0
    I spent $30 for the gifting badge (Tony Starks Briefcase). Only to have it snatched away from me and given 300 units...rhis is unjust! Frankly I believe that we should be compensated more than just 300 units when in fact Tony Starks Briefcase awards 850 units. Can anyone tell me how this is just?
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    BakawBakaw Posts: 1
    Yeah this is absolutely ridiculous! You cannot reimburse me freaking fake currency when I paid with the real thing. You guys need to give me my money back or I am going to raise some hell.
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    How can you even use a gifting badge fraudulently? You send someone something. How do i benefit from that?
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    RonnieMRonnieM Posts: 2
    Paguei R$ 96,99 pela insígnia o que equivale a 850 unidades. Me devolver apenas 300 é um afronte aos jogadores! Isso é revoltante! São 4 anos jogando e ser obrigado a ter uma "indenização" dessas é ultrajante e vergonhoso. Por favor revejam isso, pois não sou obrigado a pagar por uma mercadoria e receber outra, e muito menos ser reembolsado com valor inferior ao que eu gastei! Aguardo uma providência!
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    VandraleVandrale Posts: 9
    How are we only getting 300 units for a $30 gifting badge that was removed.
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    ManChildManChild Posts: 608 ★★★
    Not good enough Kabam. Think about the people that traded legitimately and still might owe each other or saved each other in war. Think about spending the money for the badge alone. Not ok. Do more.
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    AddyosAddyos Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    It's shady moves like this that make my resolve to not spend money on this game again even stronger.

    I understand the issues surrounding the fraudulent use of gifting badges. But as many others have already said here though, Kabam should have least refunded 850 units which is the unit value of the package you buy to get the badge in the first place. Not cool Kabam.
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    JediJones77JediJones77 Posts: 164
    edited March 2019

    There were people on social media and the line app offering gifting services. In exchange for say $20 they would send a ridiculous amount of revives, health pots, boosts, etc. Way more than what a player could get with $20 worth of units

    If those people were legitimately mining units to gift that stuff, why is it a big deal that someone paid them to mine gifts for them? That is basic economic activity at work. In any economy, you pay people for things that you don't want to manufacture yourself.

    If those people found a way to hack the game to get free resources then that is the exploit that should be addressed.
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    Wakandas_FinestWakandas_Finest Posts: 838 ★★★★

    I see a lawsuit coming to you Kabam I for one will be seeking advice on this.
    Take it away I don’t give a **** but give me back the money I paid for the dam thing not garbage units that I won’t use cause I don’t enjoy you’re garbage game anymore.

    Lmao good luck with that
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    PaigrPaigr Posts: 7
    Why not put a limit on how much the gifting badge can be used? The integrity of the gifting badge may be broken due to fraud, but if you put a limit of say 300 units and then the badge has a cool down period, it would de-incentivise that fraudulent activity.
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    Friends would sent me potion or refill to game accomplish in game goals. Since I don’t make a ton of money to spend on this game. specially when I can’t afford grinding 20 hours for 75 units that can’t even buy a level 4 potions?
    Is there a way to increase in game units?
    Is there going to be a new price for units?

    Unitis and loyalty are the hardest resources and the game is requiring more and more of it.

    We are very concerned
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    The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★
    I'm not upset about the gifting badge being removed, as far as legal reasons and the way fraud accounts have been going down it makes sense. But the "compensation" we got is just laughable
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    GamerGamer Posts: 10,373 ★★★★★
    @Kabam Miike so this gift wild only be available one gifting event so the perment gifts baged is now totalt uslees and I’m own a friend of mine 500 unit the only way to gifts that now is to give him irl moneys funny time alest ikow that persons in irl so that not the biggest. Deal but com one kind bad decision to go one all now without notice from it that just bad. And 300 unit not cover it giv 800 unit then I’m fine
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    OMC_PintoOMC_Pinto Posts: 101
    I would like to see Kabam comment on the factors for determining that 300 units was the ideal amount? People who have used the gifting badge after purchase prob spent more units sending items to teammates that they wouldnt have normally spent without the badge. Obviously quantifying an exact unit amount would be a large undertaking but I would have expected the number to be closer to the minimum units provided for purchasing (850 in the $29.99 package).
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    Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 74
    How do I get a refund for the physical real world money I spent for buying the gifting badge. As that's what I bought it for. Gifting to my friends and making the game more of a community based game. 300 unit refund is an insult for playing the game for 4 years.
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    JediJones77JediJones77 Posts: 164
    DukeZman said:

    Can you just turn it back on for like 5 minutes so I can get my 1000 units off my second account that I farmed to gift myself pots for LOL? Dropping it on people with multiple accounts like this is extremely upsetting.

    Makes sense. Why wasn't there a 24-hour warning for this situation or so that people who might've promised someone else gifts had time to deliver? One more day of whatever this "fraud" is wouldn't have destroyed the game.
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    dcw_dcw_ Posts: 130
    I like many others i’m sure only purchased units to get the gifting badge. 300 units is not sufficient compensation for removing gifting. Frankly I couldn’t care less about the fraud issues. Deal with the ones that commit the fraud instead of punishing everyone else in the community.

    This is a lazy and disgusting way to deal with a problem.
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    Well time to make energy refills, pots and revives cheaper.

    Having a 2nd account (that I made a purchase on for the gifting badge) to gift to my main. So...that’s all wasted now and no point in playing the second account 🤷‍♂️.

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    pastulXpastulX Posts: 2
    I want my money back or the 850 units it costs. This is so unfair.
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    VedisukeVedisuke Posts: 166 ★★
    I want my money I do not want units in return!
    300 units with you doing arena, now 99 reais that I paid for the item is not something I find easily!
    You're out of the game with that stupid decision!
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    ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 461 ★★★
    Just another underhanded move! I'm not even surprised anymore it's the newest fiasco in a long list of Fiasco's hahaha🤣😂🤣
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    tkt546tkt546 Posts: 34
    Great logic here... let's punish everyone for the crimes of a few.

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