Symbiote supreme abilities

symbiote supreme's in his set's fangs mode has a 100% chance to apply a bleed with the damage scaling depending on the current genetic potential.

but in a fight if symbiote supreme has 0 genetic potential and he is in set's fangs there is no indication of a bleed being applied
is there not supposed to be a indicator for the bleeds being applied?
Also when symbiote supreme is in the Null's shadow i noticed in a fight that the stagger from a well-timed block did not apply.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,336 ★★★★★
    It says: based on genetic potential, if you have none you have no bleed
  • jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
    Lvernon15 said:

    It says: based on genetic potential, if you have none you have no bleed

    Let's look at the wording of the actual ability:
    -100% chance to cause a Bleed Debuff on every Hit, dealing up to 928.2 Direct Damage based on Genetic Potential and lasting 8 seconds.

    according to this, genetic potential has nothing to do with him actually placing a bleed on the opponent. genetic potential indicated the amount of direct damage it does.
    it says 100% chance to cause a bleed debuff on every hit. so if genetic potential is at 0, then according to 8 second bleed doing 0 direct damage total should be applied.

    while the damage is 0, the actual debuff being placed has implications if you have points in the despair mastery.
  • EakomoEakomo Posts: 32
    that explains why it's strange, considering there are champions that are immune to damage from some debuffs and when some champions are invulnerable to damage e.g the heimdall synergy but the debufs counts
  • becauseicantbecauseicant Posts: 386 ★★★
    The no stagger on parry during Null's Shadow is a bug. Kabam hasn't given us an update on it in a while. See THIS thread.
  • EakomoEakomo Posts: 32
    guillotine is a good example of a confusing ability description
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