The time for evade is way of

GamerGamer Posts: 5,544 ★★★★
You hav a harder time to evade ws basis actak either you blok or get Amal after the update it happen one ws mostly. So that is a bug with the frame rate iPhone XS Max


  • I think I know what you mean. If the opponent runs at me and I am not blocking but trying to evade at the right time I parry him instead evadeing his attack. I looks like the timer is of and the game is only noticing the block and not the swipe.

    It only happens on Android (OnePlus 5T) and not on iOS (iPad pro).
  • AdenAden Posts: 4
    It happening to me on both Android and ios
    Couldn't evade or dash back from mordo's basic or heavyattack i just freeze out there sometimes
    Also it's very Wierd when i evade an attack and the ai follow it with an instant another attack and i get it in the face
  • venon87venon87 Posts: 16
    This issue has happened to me also. Amongst many other issues this new release contains. Playing on latest iOS iPhone XS.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 5,544 ★★★★
    It pretty anyoing it just stand and blok alest it blok but stil need to be fixed
  • Perfect_jabPerfect_jab Posts: 13
    Against unblockable attacks u will get hit. Its really annoying.
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