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[Android] 22.1 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: Android Version 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue: The game would lag in-between fights and on the loading screen. Also when you get to the crystals menu a huge lag spike pops up and when you go to spin or open a crystal it takes 10 minutes for it to pass the lag spike everytime.
  • boo14kboo14k Posts: 9
    In-Game Name: Tonio Lunatik
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Mi 6
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1 and 8.0 was tested
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version: 22.1
    Game Mode: any mode
    Description of the Issue: fps constant 30, but animation is looks like - 15 fps. Before april update all was fine.
  • Name: CyPress1988

    Device and Model: OnePlus 6

    Device Operating System: Android 9.0

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: 22.1

    Game Mode: All events in the game. The whole game in particular.

    Description of the Issue: Framerate is absolutely horrible. The hole game has an delay or input lag. Not playable at the moment.
  • Summoner username: "Vanderoth"
    Device & model: "Samsung Galaxy s9"
    Device Operating System: "Oreo 8.0"
    When does this occur: Both during Wifi & cell data usage.
    Game version installed: "Newest, 22.1"
    Game mode: All of them.
    [ ] Description of the issue: During fights only, the fighting is very choppy and laggy. The gameplay before this update will literally flawless. It has made some of the harder content more difficult to deal with because of having to adjust to new reaction times. Just getting into the core of act 5 so its really made an impact on my resources. Thank you to whomever reads and assists to correct the issue(s)!
  • ajAy01ajAy01 Posts: 3
    In-Game Name: AjayNirala
    Device and Model: Redmi note 4
    Device Operating System: Android 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Version 22.1.1
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue:
    - champions are performing auto dash attack after sp3
    - chamions are performing unwanted heavy attack during combo
    - champions movement has become slow and laggy
    - taking eternity to load any quest
    - first two issues are mazor issues which cause instant lose of a fight
    - due to third issue we are keep missing parry and dexterity
    - it is became almost impossible to make epic difficulty nowdays
    - wasted tons of revive potion and units
  • Flbarros_Flbarros_ Posts: 19
    In-Game Name: FLBarros_
    Device and Model: Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL
    Device Operating System: Android Pie 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both. Cellular carrier is Claro
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: lag issues (evade, medium hits, block), animation issues (ghost Rider whip, archangel wings, etc), screen going black when fight still going on and commands still respond but no image, overheating occasionally, screen crashes and game closes by itself. Sentinel in AQ still reacting quicker than before, almost impossible to counter hit after sp1 and they are holding way too long the special attacks, you lose almost 1 minute per fight trying to force sp's. The opponent evade when you are hitting them on guard!!!! That's new!! 2 years playing and this the first time it happens after the update.
  • SeanFlikSeanFlik Posts: 43
    In-Game Name: SeanFlik
    Device and Model: Galaxy S7
    Device Operating System: 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: Event Quests and Bounty Missions
    Description of the Issue: There is a solid 1-2 second lag every time Human Torch throws a special. I've gotten ko'd by this several times and it makes dodging his specials impossible.
  • mike0179mike0179 Posts: 14
    edited April 2019
    Device and model: Google pixel 2 xl
    Device operating system: Android Version 9
    Cellular or wifi: Both. Cellular carrier is Verizon
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game mode in which events occured:
    Event quests and alliance quests
    Description of the issues: Game will periodically freeze mid fight for a few seconds then resume. Doesn't happen very frequently but started after this update
  • THRobinsonTHRobinson Posts: 37
    I have a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus 10.1 tablet... less than a year old, and when I started playing this game on it, it was perfect. ever since the end of summer last year, it's gotten worse and worse with every update. Some days it'll play great and I think, yes finally fixed! but nope... hour later it's back to being laggy. Took almost 3 minutes for me to open a crystal last night. Takes forever for the screen to load so I can click the crystal, then when I try to open it, it's stuck loading graphics again. Sometimes in AW and AQ, fights are fine, loading between nodes however take a minute or so to load.

    Plus the constant connection issues which makes even less sense because on WiFi with 1 gigabit connection 6' from the router. Absolutely no speed/connectivity issues, just the game seems to think so.

    Sucks because now I play on my phone, which I absolutely hate. Big guy, big hands, I'd rather play on a tablet.

    Can anything be done? I've done factory resets, cleared system cache, cleared game cache/data, reinstalled... doesn't matter. Would be great to get it running on the tablet again... is it an issue with the OS? Chipset?
  • SupremeLaw_47SupremeLaw_47 Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: Supreme Law 47
    Device Name: Samsung Galaxy j5 prime
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0.1
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: Story, event and alliance war
    Problem Description: After the update, anytime i jump into a fight from the loading screen, the pause menu shows up and i can see the fight proceeding without my control.
    When i click resume they stop and i have to quit the fight while my champs get K.O. 'ed.
    It even happened today when i was playing the bounty missions.
  • PerceptronPerceptron Posts: 169
    In-Game Name: PERCEPTRON
    Device and Model: iPHONE 6S
    Device operating system: 12.2
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi/3G
    Game version installed: LATEST UPDATE, 22.1.1
    Game Mode: All

    Issue: Constant combat lag and screen loading errors and glitches
  • DimofteDimofte Posts: 4
    edited April 2019
    In-Game Name: DimofteSkeptik
    Device and Model: OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and Xiaomi Redmi Note4
    Device Operating System: Android Version 8.0 and 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Event Quest, Boss Rush, Arena, AQ, AW...everywhere
    Description of the Issue: My champs are moving very slow in between strikes. Additionally my phone is beginning to over heat and I have no other apps open except for contest of champions. This has never happened before and I began experiencing it immediately after the 22.0 update.
    Synergies are not working(Domino+RH), Sentinel sp1 punish always fails,
    After every sp3 I can't control my champ(1.he dashes towards the defender, 2. can't dash back, 3. he does't hold block, 4.he does nothing, not blocking, 5. I immediately get hit without getting the possibility to do anything).
    The AI doesn't know what to do - either hold block or not, constantly. The frame rate is as low as it can get.
    Mid combo the AI strikes with the sp. A lot of times the second medium attack doesn't connect(M-L-L-L-M fails).
    The animations at Human Torch are way too laggy, so I can never evade the specials.
    Not to mention the double energy consume when I teleport. I almost forgot...parry works in maybe 1/3 times, although the parry text appears. The sound is always delayed. Domino breaks block as she was doing when she first appeared and she was fixed - the problem is back.

    Please fix the game as soon as possible, We really enjoy it.
  • gahrlinggahrling Posts: 199
    edited April 2019
    In-Game Name: gahrling
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM
    Device Operating System: Android 9, MIUI version: Global 10.2
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1 version of the game.
    Game Mode: All (I'm Cavalier in title and have finished a lot of the game modes prior to 22.1)

    Description of the Issue: huge frame rate issue since the original 22.1 update. Domino block break is still happening after her medium dash attack. Sentinel SP1 punishment is now high risk. Game crashes in Arena after approx 10 team fights. It looks like the 'whip' effect for some character moves (like Medusa's hair attacks) have been reduced to 2 animation frames, I use a high end Android device that wasn't graphically struggling at all in previous game versions and does not need to be mollycoddled by forcibly reducing the animation for users. Phoenix SP1 does not connect after a 5 hit combo. Parry is now very inconsistent at the beginning of a fight. After launching an SP3 my character dashes in and is unable to block.

    This latest hotfix was a failure to patch a badly programmed 22.1 update. Please roll back before the next season of AW or release a fix that works.
  • alxtoralxtor Posts: 16
    yash98 said:

    In-Game Name: Yashn98
    Device and Model: Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: idk, most recent one..
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: ALL
    Description of the Issue: Okay, so yet again, android just isnt getting optimised.. what a surprise.. lets begin
    1. Why are loading screens to go ANYWHERE in the game taking like a minute, legit like a minute and a half of loading screen, im sitting waiting on fight to load in for SOOO LONG, not only going into fights, but out of fights, loading into aq, into aw, in the fight menu, to the home menu, to my champions section, it takes a decade to load!
    2. Combat lag is a thing, costing me potions in aw and aq when they really shouldnt be, so the ai decides to dash towards me, my muscle memory goes to block for a parry, 3 and a bit years into the game btw im pretty sure i know when to block, but no, the game lags for a split second and i dont land the parry or the ai just hits through my block because i hesitate and dont hold down my block and get hit..
    3. Few of the champions animations or whatever are just not timed right?? i dont know the terminology but im sure once you read this, if you read this youll know what im talking about. In aq, i usually dex the sentinels sp 1 and can dash right back in after their sp1 to get a 5 combo in, but no, they apparently can now intercept me once i dash back in?? found with x23 that i seem to COMPLETELY MISS when i dash back in after she launches a special of any sort, and her specials are very easy to counter! the x23 bug seems to happen with a few others too, cant remember off the top of my head who, but i remember it happening with others..

    I took a few videos for evidence, but apparently cant post them on here? If there is a way for me to sent these videos let me know, cause you really need to see these videos of how badly the game is operating right now!
    Point is, the game on android is a joke right now, its unplayable.. im expecting compensation, given im playing on an S8, this really isnt my phones problem, also looking at this thread, i havent even had the worst of the bugs... CAN YOU ACKNOWLEDGE US AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO FIX THE GAME?! Yes im angry, im sure if you were playing/dealing with this ****, you would be too..

    Similar issues using Samsung 9 / Android pie
    Memory leak - need to close the app every 15 - 20 mins... all animations are slow and causing losing fights - parrying reaction is slow ... fight control is impossible after a while ... been playing for 3 years and is impossible for aw / aq
  • DigitaliciousDigitalicious Posts: 25
    In-Game Name: Digitalicious
    Device and Model: Huawei P20 Pro
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0.0 - EMUI 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi - 32Mbps upload, 20Mbps download
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: AQ, WAR, QUEST, ARENA, crystal opening
    Description of the Issue: been experiencing this since update, champions dont respond to input, dash forward champ is stagnant, does not double dex, sometimes it is tremendously slow, and you miss parries or evade with sparky, when delay in intercepting. routine has not changed when holding block it will randomly intermittently just walk forward as if im not blocking , crystals tend to keep stagnant and run supper laggy slows down the entire game
  • Device and model: Motorola z2 play
    device operating system: Android 8.0
    cellular or Wi-Fi: both
    game version installed: 22.1.1
    game modes: all game modes
    Problem description: It takes a long time to get in, sometimes it goes fast or gets stuck on the loading screen, it happens all the time, I played all day, I have to open and close the game, badly, I can win heroes in arenas , this is happening since the last update 22.1.1, the game begins to lock and from nowhere, it happens with a 10 minutes game, the game begins to lock in fights, you can not deflect or attack the opponent, when vaiver the opponent already knocked me out, there is a time that has been happening, my cell phone warms up. The monthly mission thing crashes with e1 because of the synergy with human torch, the human torch e3 starts locking also, always stop after 10 minutes of game, I just do not talk anymore, because several people repo bugs are the same
  • RookM1RookM1 Posts: 47
    In-Game Name: RookM1
    Device Name: Google Pixel 2XL
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: All
    Issue: The timing in the game has been completely changed, I've been playing this game for 3yrs, basic actions like parry, deep evade, intercepts, and combo chains are subconscious efforts, there are noticable frame rate drops a lot more frequently since the update so I'm assuming that's where the miss timing is coming from but all the above actions are absolutely necessary to play this game at a high level so when all that's changed or not working the game is not fun.

    I'd also like to comment on this particular thread, which seems to be a permanent feature in the bugs/known issues section...for as long as I can remember...you guys just seem to flush it and restart every month, which begs the question, are you even listening? Do you read these? Am I wasting my time typing this out?

    Love this game.....just not right now☹️
  • In-Game Name: TrickyBboy87
    Device and Model: Galaxy S9 
    Device Operating System: 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed:  22.1 version of the game. 
    Game Mode: loading.
    Description of the Issue: on april 8th 2019 my game stated that a new version is available and i need to download in order to continue playing, however i downloaded new patch on april 4th when it was released. Now the game will not let mesign in and the download in app store has been pending from 630 pm april 8th to present time (12:58) pm april 9th, i have been taking screen shots of the situation and my conversation with other members who have also had same issue but their downloaded. The ios users have stated no simular issues. But samsung users have and had to uninstall and reinstall to get game running. I tried that as well and still pending.
  • In-Game Name: Avenger H3r0.
    Device and Model: Samsung S8
    Device Operating System: Android version 9. One UI version 1.0.
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: ALL game modes
    Description of the Issue: Lag and choppy frames when logging into the game. Navigating the in game menus are choppy. It's noticeable and had no issues prior to update. During in game fights the game will freeze for 5-10 seconds on my phone and resume. The freeze usually occurs within the first 5 minutes of playing but stops for a while and happens every so often (maybe in another hr if I'm still on). Other in game fight issues include very noticeable frame rate drop in battle. It becomes choppy and evading fairly easy attacks have been more difficult. For more intricate specials like Human Torch sp1, it becomes almost impossible to evade if the game starts to lag.
  • HendrossHendross Posts: 892 ★★★
    In-Game Name: Hendross
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: Excessively long loading screens, choppy crystal spins, lag applying items, unresponsive scrolling, slow loading character models, intermittent freeze during fights, general slowness.
  • 19Swords19Swords Posts: 12
    jdizz087 said:

    Device and Model: Galaxy Note 9
    Device Operating System: Android Version 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both. Cellular carrier is Sprint.
    Game Version Installed: 22.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Event Quest, Boss Rush, Arena
    Description of the Issue: My champs are moving very slow in between strikes. Additionally my phone is beginning to over heat and I have no other apps open except for contest of champions. This has never happened before and i began experiencing it immediately after the 22.1 update.

    Exact same issues!!! The game play is so bad😡
    Just not an enjoyable experience. Playing videogames is about stress relief and not whatever this update is.
    So many things in this game are not working the same. Been playing for 3+ years and I've never been less interested in logging in..... fights just lack fluidity and enjoyment.

    They changed the AI (behavior is really dumb)
    Frame rate issues every fight
    Bug's all over the place.

    1 example
    R4 sig 105 OR with 26 death spores should be around 1690 a tick....?

    Note 8
    Android pie
    Wifi - Verizon
  • GetkabmdGetkabmd Posts: 3
    In-Game Name: WarOfAges
    Device and Model: Galaxy s9
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular and wifi
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: all champs affected, Dex and parry are not working 100% of the time. Animations of all kinds are slowed to a crawl and become glitchy. Phones temperature exceeds normal operating temp after only minutes of playing. Controls become unresponsive
  • ghost1988ghost1988 Posts: 6
    edited April 2019
    It seems to me that the main problem of this update is a very large frame drop and this is not about phones, because all my friends from the union have this problem, iphone7,8, xr, galaxy s7, moto z2play, coolpad cool1, asus m1pro, it seems to me that this problem should be solved first of all, because the frame drop (and here it is very large) in the game = death of the game

    I used to go through all the branches and shoot a mini boss without problems, but now I have to spend it where I don’t need to spend
    I love this game, but not at the moment
  • Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: Android Version 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both. Cellular carrier is Vodafone.
    Game Version Installed: 22.1.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Event Quest, Boss Rush, Arena
    Description of the Issue: My champs are moving very slow in between strikes. Additionally my phone is beginning to over heat and I have no other apps open except for contest of champions. This has never happened before and i began experiencing it immediately after the 22.1 update.
  • ghost1988ghost1988 Posts: 6
    edited April 2019
    when you correct the lag of FPS because of this it is impossible to fend off and evade, and therefore impossible to play or is it time for us (the players) to say goodbye to this game? I think the fall of FPS and the backlog is the main mistakes and you correct minor
  • my fighter moves like a turtle, but the AI ​​kabam is on the contrary very fast, it’s not fair, I’m so angry that I’m ready to break my phone, it’s a mockery of the players, you messed up the game, there’s nothing more to add this game one solid bug, you owe me resources otherwise you walk like thieves
  • even the complexity of the master is unplayable solid lags
  • Jairo77777Jairo77777 Posts: 15
    edited April 2019
    when they are going to fix this update c.r.a.p, too many bugs and worst performance, the best thing would be to reverse this update

    my devices: samsung s9 plus, tab 2 samsung, samsung s8, huaweii mate
  • MetaphorUraniumMetaphorUranium Posts: 83
    edited April 2019
    In game name: ŠÆßƦ€ Ørö¥μôζ
    Device and OS: Google Pixel 2, Android 8.0.0
    Game version installed: 22.1
    Game mode: all game modes
    Description of issue:
    - after any sp3, game goes into autoplay for 1-3 seconds where user has no control, and user cannot block or swipe back during the sp3 or immediately after.
    - lag, so severe lag it causes parry, deep evade, and other normal functioning to become almost impossible.
    - block breaks on both sides
    - landing a special at the end of a five hit combo has become too difficult, with the lag and glitches half the time resulting in your special landing on shield
    - defender can intercept a string of hits on it's block, most of the time where I go to hit opponent block four times to back them up, but halfway through I get a special to the face
    - backdraft intercepts are now impossible, AI follows you out faster than you can intercept, I'm a 5/65 Magik user and I'm experienced at taking down one shot node 29 on tiers 3-5 without issue, but that is now impossible
    - so many more, this game is unplayable right now. I have lost a lot of valuable gear just trying to stay afloat in map 6, aw, and personal event questing where normally I wouldn't have emptied my stash. I'm ready to quit, Kabam. Please do something.
  • Shakenbake629Shakenbake629 Posts: 22
    Device and Model: Google Pixel 3 XL
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Newest 22.1.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? All modes
    Description of the Issue: Frame rate slowed, not registering controls, evade, block, and other basic mechanics. Doesn't always register special attacks when launched, still being evaded mid special as well. Can't handle normal game inputs consistently.
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