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Hitting into block being countered by specials. [Merged Threads]



  • VenomizedVenomized Posts: 1
    It's Still happening. Especially in v3.
    Seems like a lot of players have complained. And 10months later kabaam is still harvesting data to figure this out.
    Sending out there xtra polite standard response about how they preciate our feedback and understand our frustration.
    So that made it all ok for me. Cause I wasnt sure if they were understanding my frustration or preciated my complain.
  • Knagel17Knagel17 Posts: 33
    Just had Thanos throw Sp1 while i was hitting his block with Corvus. Instant death. How has this been going on for a year and not fixed ? Don’t let a champion be to strong or do something that kabam doesn’t like
  • YawYeetYawYeet Posts: 34
    I'll be very specific with what happened to me. Was fighting nick fury in arena. He was unblockable and in 2nd phase. Was attacking into his block when he throws sp1. First time I've ever had this happen to me playing this game for years. Definently a bug.
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    Still happening in this new version. Poor Sentinel trying to build up charges. :(

    Would really like Kabam to comment on why this isn't fixed yet?
  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    I'm still seeing this issue in every game mode with pretty much any champion I've used. Arena, AQ, AW, Quest, Montly Quest. I've seen it in all these modes. I've attacked into the block of Loki, Ultron, Kang, Captain America...all sorts of champs. I'm using Invisible Woman, Omega Red, Masacre, Sentinel...quite a few champs where hitting into a block is part of their kit.

    I'm really not looking forward to the Abyss Masacre fight where hitting into the block is required to inflict damage.
  • TheTalentsTheTalents Posts: 2,254 ★★★★★
    Its still happening to me as well. The A.I would only throw sp1's while hitting the block and now they're throwing SP2's as well.
    If Kabam can't resolve this issue then they need to allow us to throw specials while the AI is hitting our block and make it even. That would solve this issue instead of allowing this to continue.
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 88
    That 'Invade' node in the boss rush really highlights the annoyance of that one year old bug. You get countered almost everytime when hitting the block of your opponent.
  • slayer6slayer6 Posts: 377 ★★
    Ill bet its cost alot of others some units to i had to use a few as some events on at moment paths have block penetration 300% damage while hitting blocks then you get screwed over when doing it, its good for kabams pocket as usual and bad for us gamers and there will be tiny if any compensation when they probably made a million from the bug in couple days (good for their pocket bad for all of us)
  • hungryhungrybbqhungryhungrybbq Posts: 2,102 ★★★★★
    Just had a thread of mine closed because the content was too similar to this one I guess? It really wasn't about this specific issue, but how I believe the root issue that's causing this and others including backdraft intercept and other prominent complaints here is all simply because the AI no longer consistently experiences a "hit stun" when hitting into there block and is not frame locked at all.. free to launch an input immediately if it chooses. I'm no video game designer, but fix the block hit stun and I think these issues would go away.

    Was just looking for some kind of feedback on whether that could be causing it and some kind of update on the whole thing. I know the mods are sick of hearing about it, but surely they understand that 11 months without a resolution is going to cause frustration. I really don't think we as players are being unreasonable here. We are unfairly losing resources in the game because of something beyond our control. I personally have tried to be as patient and constructive as possible.

    Don't worry, you won't hear from me for a while after this. Nor will I attempt to start any threads. I'll just check back on the one year anniversary to see if there's an update. Thanks.
  • Just today had this issue arise. I am in variant 3, chapter 2.1 Wolverine Boss.

    Venom fight on bleed path.

    Was using Sentinel at first. While building analysis thru hitting into block, between 1st and 2nd hits Venom launched his special 1. I went on to retry this with Sentinel 3 times and got same results each time.

    I then went to try a few other champs, maybe to see if Sentinel attack speed, or lack there of... might be the issue. I moved on to testing with Warlock, and while attempting to build infection I was faced with same results. I tried to use OG Vision and just pound on him into his block for testing, getting same results. I shifted to different classes with Archangel, CapIw, KM, Magik, and last but surely not least.... The Lord and Savior Corvus Glaive... Who even when attempting to hit into block, was presented with the same outcome...

    Would love for some form of resolution to this issue. Testing individual champs repeatedly costs energy. Wasting resources on fights where the single sp1 instantly KOs r4/55 and r5/65 5*s... And the enemies are clearly broken.

    The level of difficulty is perfectly fine, it should just have the bugs fixed sooner than later
  • @Kabam Miike can we get some form of update on the matter at hand.
  • KyrinMcHKyrinMcH Posts: 39
    so i just lost my Hyperion in AQ because a nick fury throw his sp2 when i was attacking into his block. can we get any clarification on anything being done about an issue that has been in the game for a year now
  • noldnold Posts: 30
    This is rampant in Variant. Good luck using Masacre or Sentinel.

    Come on Kabam. Why are these bugs allowed to go on for so long? When it's something specific about a single champion, you fix it. When it's a bug with the combat system it just gets ignored..... why?
    Another example: I was fighting the Dr. Doom boss in AQ Map6 using Omega Red. While hitting into his block, to add more spores, he went unstoppable, stunned me, and slapped me. This should NOT be an allowed feature in the game as it is unfair to the attacker. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,496 ★★★★
    NANOCZAR said:

    Another example: I was fighting the Dr. Doom boss in AQ Map6 using Omega Red. While hitting into his block, to add more spores, he went unstoppable, stunned me, and slapped me. This should NOT be an allowed feature in the game as it is unfair to the attacker. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Wait. If he becomes unstoppable he can ofc counter you.
  • igotgame1075igotgame1075 Posts: 47
    Just lost my OR to a Gwenpool in AQ Map6 because of this stupid bug. I hit into her 3 times and before the 4th hit, she gets an sp1 and immediately launches it mid attack.
    Really love how the AI can do this, but the player can’t.
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