Hitting into block being countered by specials. [Merged Threads]



  • solopolosolopolo Posts: 546 ★★★
    Still broken. Just cost me a revive against Cull in UCEQ surfer quest.
  • chicconechiccone Posts: 6
    Same here. Fought several fights with this problem. Block isnt working correct. If you fight long fights, bloch didnt work, you will be hit because block is too slow and framerate goes down.
  • JMORG1111JMORG1111 Posts: 116
    It's still happening. I know you guys are investigating but come on. Nightcrawler is a perfect example. Go back to the March update on a test server and look at the interaction. This has been happening for 8 months and the best we've got is: "We will look into this and see if it is happening". That is unacceptable. Its costing players items though, so I get it. Rake in that bread.
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    Kabam posted the next fixes and updates here... https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/174118/known-issues-current-version-25-1

    And there is NO MENTION OF THIS AT ALL? Not even "under investigation".

    WTH Kabam?
  • UniversalGamingUniversalGaming Posts: 541 ★★★
    Happened with me
    In Hall Of Heroes
    Against: Loki
    Was using: Namor
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 612 ★★★
    Happened in Variant 3
    Was using my sentinel against another sentinel
    Hit into his block and he used a sp1
  • DestroyerDestroyer Posts: 119
    Namor vs CM in RoL. CM against wall, hitting her block and she launches sp2. Any progress on this?
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 667 ★★★
    Still happening. Why can the AI block-lock me when they're hitting my block? They slowly beat on my block while I try to back up or hit special and nothing works, but they can special right out of it. It's total BS.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,491 ★★★★
    Happend again in act 6.1.5 omega vs aegon
  • igotgame1075igotgame1075 Posts: 42
    edited January 2020
    This is happening in AQ map 5 all over the place. I 3 hit a defender and before I can do anything I’m countered mid combo by a sp. Why is the AI allowed to do this, but the player can’t? Happened on OML on poison node. Happened on CAIW on bleed node, both while using OR against them.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Had it happen again today. Omega Red vs Mr Sinister boss in 6.2.2 - Medium into Light into Mr Sinister firing an L1 into my face.
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,848 ★★★★★
    This has been happening to me countless times in eq
  • Loco24x7Loco24x7 Posts: 67
    AI in map 5 today I was hitting in a block ate S2 from symbiote than Mordo I didn’t even finish my 5 hit combo on the 4th he started punching
  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 205
    Mninobody said:

    So Namor is one of my main attackers. And one of his biggest abilities is hitting into block. By not fixing this issue you are basically nerfing him and others. This seemed to happen when that Thanos boss came out and needing to hit into his block. None the less, why isn’t this a bigger priority in getting fixed. To many deaths happen from a bug when other things are being fixed that do not change play style as much. Please give us an update @Kabam Miike

    They want us to take damage. This is part of the ever evolving AI. They change mechanics and AI intelligence all the time. This change months ago and was deliberate and they stated that they would like examples if it's more than they intended but the fact of the matter is that it was "intended". They actually said that this was always supposed to be possible but was not working before. I experienced it all the time. I go to hit someone after they get knocked down and instead of my hit making contact, they throw a special at me. I was clearly trying to hit them first. Baiting specials is becoming increasingly more difficult. There are times (more often than I liked to say) where they will hold for third special no matter how long you bait them to throw it. I know how to "Bait like a Ninja" but the AI just does not cooperate. This is happening more and more often. Has anyone noticed that the AI behaves differently at the beginning of the fight now. Another AI change on the ever evolving AI.

  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,848 ★★★★★
    It has been happening more and more recently for me...
    Fix this kabam
  • Loco24x7Loco24x7 Posts: 67
    edited January 2020
    This discrepancy is starting to show up in all aspects of the Battle realm EQ, AQ & AW in arena please fix Kabam
  • AmaadAkiraAmaadAkira Posts: 26
    Just happened to me in AW with corvus attacking into nick fury's block. Wasted a lot of potions. It isn't the first time. Is this going to be fixed? I'm ready to quit at this point.
  • DestroyerDestroyer Posts: 119
    Seraphion said:

    Happend again in act 6.1.5 omega vs aegon

    Same happened for me, exact same fight.
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 787 ★★★
    Aq day 5 map 4, soft guard modifier, no node buff, mutant symbioid, was using rhulk. Parried, attacked, parry wore off about 2 hits into my combo when the sym also triggered power flood and also launched a special mid combo. All weird, but the thing that stood out was that the attack and my parry wearing off were at the same time. Is the defender unaware that they're being attacked while they're stunned?
  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 205
    Mninobody said:

    @Jemster519 interesting. I have never seen where kabam said this was an intended act. Why have this post then if it’s something they want to do anyway? Do they not know exactly what they want to do and not want? I would love to see that information because if that is true, they need to speak louder on that.

    It is at the beginning of the thread. I have been on this thread since it started. They did say that this was always supposed to be possible but wasn't working correctly before but now it is. They wanted examples if it is happening too much. IE Fight and where it happened. Tons of examples provided but no further feed back so here we are several months later talking about the same thing. I think what they have done is merger several threads into this one and they are keeping this one open for that purpose. I suspect that this may be the reason.
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 787 ★★★
    edited January 2020
    Had it happen in aw, someone triggered unblockable from a node buff during my combo, but then were able to start attacking me right away even though I was already hitting. So they basically acted unstoppable when they became unblockable.
  • Fredhorst23Fredhorst23 Posts: 787 ★★★
    Twice so far this aq, once against ms once against venom. These are after one hit into block.
  • Loco24x7Loco24x7 Posts: 67
    This session of AQ map 6 I was in the middle of a combo on 3Rd punch ate a special 2
  • TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,029 ★★★★
    I'm currently exploring Variant 3.

    Half the time I get combo intercepted while I'm striking into the enemy's block...I'm using Sentinel and trying to build up his analysis charges by repeatedly striking into an opponent's block, but i have to play extremely carefully because they might me able to intercept me somehow :(
  • ADDIS0NADDIS0N Posts: 900 ★★★★
    More proof at 12:00 in this recent Legacy video ... dude isn't happy and I don't blame him at all.

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