Have r5 spidy stark enhanced vs. wolverine which do I use awakening gem on??

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Have 35 tech sig stones and 70 mutant sig stones.. Also can bring wolverine to r5

Have r5 spidy stark enhanced vs. wolverine which do I use awakening gem on?? 70 votes

Spiderman stark enhanced
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    Spiderman stark enhanced
    Well depends on your needs. Wolverine is a great path clearer in AQ whereas stark spider helps with unblockable sp nodes in AW
  • ?
    My top champs
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    Spiderman stark enhanced
    Think SpiderMan E. is one of the best champs atm. I don't think he needs to be awakened - but it boosts his damage by a bit. While Wolverine will just regen insane amounts
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    It's not a matter of just "which one".
    When champs are designed for 2 entirely different things you need to pick the one that suites what you need the most. Spidey SE is useful just about anywhere, but if you need a path clearer you have to pick wolverine.
  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,036 ★★★
    Wolverine, cause he saves you from buying revives and pots.
  • TellthemIAMTellthemIAM Posts: 169
    Wolverine all the way, SE Spidey is very good unduped but Wolverine will get you through all kinds of content with his regen. I have him at rank 4 (soon to be rank 5 hopefully) and he can solo all act 4 without potions or revives his regen is that good. He's a good option for ROL if you haven't beaten it yet as well.
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    No champ can beat wolverine in aq lane cleaner section also he is very good against map5 aq boss rhyno and mordo.
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    Wolverine needs the awakening gem. Spider does not.
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