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These are all my 5 and 4 star champions thus far. There's no specific question here, I'd just like to know what you think. Have I been lucky with my pulls? Have I been upgrading the right people? How would you rate my champs? What are the best teams I can use? Let me know! Btw, I would have upgraded Blade, Medusa and Cap for sure, but I just got both of them very recently.


  • Those champions are most definitely great. Sparky, Void, Blade, Medusa, Cap. IW, Venom, Angela are all insanely good. The other 4-Stars are not the best but far away from being trash pulls; Psylocke's power lock mechanic, for example, has some decent uses. Also, Miles as a your first 5-Star might not be the best but he's fun to play with and you'll have many more pulls coming your way anyways.
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    Great way to look at Miles. Thanks!
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    If that's all the 4* you've opened thus far your luck is insane. Cap, Sparky, Void, Blade, Medusa and Venom at 5/50 is enough to take you through uncollected if you didn't open another crystal until then.
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    Great pulls!
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    Thanks guys!
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    Rank up that kingpin asap!
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    Over Blade?
  • TimrosTimros Posts: 211
    Over everybody!!!!!

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    Kidding don't do that.
    Work on sparky, getting void duped, cap iw,and blade. My personal preference is in that order.
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    You should definitely take up Venom too. Great champ who will make Spiderman fights super easy cause they can't evade him. Not sure if it works on Spidergwen though.
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    Thanks for advice.
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    Nice pulls
    I would say invest more in venom and capIW
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    Will do, thanks.
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