Auto fight turning on by itself

I have had the auto fight option turn on randomly in difficult matches and totally kill me.

This has happened to me a several dozen or more so times in the last year and it is very frustrating. I have seen it happen so much in fact I know for certain my thumbs are nowhere near the button to activate it.

Can auto fight be an option that we can enable in settings instead of having always as a threat to undermine players in UC quests or other harder matches. No one ever is gonna use it on a difficult fight, why have it be there if it doesn't need to be?? @Kabam Miike


  • DemitriMDemitriM Posts: 303 ★★
    game keep tracks of where you active auto fight...if its off and you switch to a quest,any quest which you last used auto fight ,it turns itself back on...

    but while its off it never ever goes on by itself
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    @DemitriM I wish you were right. I rarely ever use auto fight and certainly not when I am fighting Johnny Storm in the Negative Zone on Epic. I literally watch it pop on by itself mid fight. I know it shouldn't and yet it does on my device and its real frustrating. All I am proposing is that the option to have auto fight button on the fight screen be a choice in settings.
  • rahul30rahul30 Posts: 19
    Happened with me too
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    Happened again today. I was saving power to hit Torch with Blade SP2 and it turned itself on and instantly fired an SP1 without my volition.
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    My suggestion is to create an "Enable auto-fight option" switch in preferences so that players don't need to worry about this glitch or their own accidental contact during tough fights. Otherwise, it's just demoralizing
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra can somone on your end comment on this problem? Thanks!
  • SwansongSwansong Posts: 40
    Just delete the auto fight option all together problem solved (Kabam)
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    This is a real problem...can you at least provide some customer service by responding? I have paid more than enough in money and time to this game to deserve a modicum of decency.
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 54
    Did it again today in the Johnny Storm Epic fight
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