[iOS] 23.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Getadamngrip99Getadamngrip99 Posts: 7
    IPad Pro
    iOS 12.2
    Lags on all events.
    Wifi and cell
  • cAncAmOcAncAmO Posts: 301 ★★
    Im suffering overheating again....

    iPhone XR DATA OR WIFI IOS 12
  • CabbagebanjoCabbagebanjo Posts: 4
    I hope noone is spending money..patterns and not problems.. shill game they want you to spend spend spend
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 706 ★★★
    I have been experiencing an extremely unhealthy amount of combat 'lag' recently. I'm in the middle of a combo, the game lags and completely disregards my inputs, and by the time the game starts listening to me again, that window is gone and I'm getting smacked in the face.

    Version: whatever the latest one is; the Avengers Forever one.
    Device: iPad Generation 4 (late-2012, can't update to iOS 11 it's so old). But I've heard of it happening on other devices. Even the really new ones.
    Affected Gamemodes: All. It seems to happen in big chunks. And I swear the more important the fight is, the more likely it is that the game lags on that fight.
    Description: see above

    anything else I need to put in, or are you guys gonna ignore this and delete this post like you do with almost every other one?
    I really think this should be on the top of your priority list. It's a really big issue and completely destroys any semblance of skill requirement in the game. So please I just want some response from a moderator, even if it's just by giving me a DM. I really don't feel that appreciated right now.
  • Preston0834Preston0834 Posts: 6
    IGN : Preston0834
    Device : iPhone 8
    System : 12.2
    Game version : 23.0.1
    Game mode : arena, month event quests, daily quests
    Description : Game falls down suddenly - inside arena when playing, when loading match, when going back to arena, when playing event quests, when loading match mostly
    it falls down after a minute or two of playing, unexpected, sudden, resulting in losing matches and had to restart the game, never been happening before, now always
  • Preston0834Preston0834 Posts: 6
    Both on wifi and data
  • In-Game Name: RARA_ANZAI
    Device and Model: IPAD AIR2
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.2
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Arena, Crystal Opening
    Description of the Issue: Game grashes in the middle of playing T4B Arena, have to restart the game and lost 1 of the match always. Today, the game crashes and cannot login. It stuck at the loading screen and dissapear. I have to open the game in android to continue where I left, start playing few matches, and then back to iOS.

    Crystal opening, it lagged the moment the crystal flying into the top left corner, lagged when spinninh and displaying the items.
  • SteeloBlazeSteeloBlaze Posts: 9
    Isn't it funny who they can't seem to fix game lag but ate quick to stop anyone using third party apps or sharing accts. I noticed when your trying to establish a streak in The Arenas the Hot Fights are laggiest.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 266 ★★
    Do heavies repeatedly to trigger the no input bug. Watch your character do random stuff after.
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 751 ★★★
    Yup. On my iPhone 8 it does.
  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 1,518 Guardian
    iPhones turning into hot plates again? So far no issues with my Samsung S9+. Hopefully this gets rectified soon for y'all. That can't be good for the battery.
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,101 ★★★
    Same here with iphone 8 plus
  • Zardu_HasseulfraüZardu_Hasseulfraü Posts: 41
    iPad mini 4
    iOS 12.3

    Game still lags ALL the time. Often during fights (frame will just freeze for a solid 3 seconds). Loading times can be minutes or so long I just have to restart game. Etc etc.

    It’s just ruining the game. I filed a ticket and the response I got was, While we understand your having issues, we strive to make this the best experience we can for all....It was a blowoff. Please fix this.
  • Gautam91Gautam91 Posts: 38
    ingame name- Gautam~91
    device- iphone 7
    device operating system- ios12.2
    game version installed- 23.0
    game mode- event (last stand- quest for the stones)
    description- game strangely lags when fighting opponents giving it almost a strange slo motion effect
  • ThereticTheretic Posts: 11
    In-Game Name: Theretic
    Device and Model: iPad mini 2
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.2
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: Game crashes every few fights
  • SlyAvocadoSlyAvocado Posts: 1
    In-Game ñame: slyavocado
    Device and Model: iPhone 8
    Device Operating System: ios11
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 23
    Game Mode: dungeons and aq. Champions arent responding in terms of blocking and parrying. I’ll hit block with well enough time before contact and nothing is happening and I’m being combo’d into oblivion.
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 1,764 ★★★★
    In-Game Name: - Midnite93

    Device and Model: iPhone 6

    Device Operating System: ios 12.3

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1

    Game Mode: AW, AQ, Arena, opening crystals

    Issue: There is serious lagging and frame rate issues whenever I play the game. The worst lag I had was during opening crystals. Whenever there is drop in frame rate and lag during fights I lose a huge chunk of health due to the ai and that has caused me to die in fights a lot.
  • TheRockoTacoTheRockoTaco Posts: 1
    The lag during fights is growing. It has spread to war and AQ, dungeons, arena, event quest, story quest, and there is no closure or discussion happening on the developers behalf. It can’t be that hard to figure out. The working as intended approach has severely worn out its welcome. Fix the game please. If you need more evidence check the previous three pages of this thread.
  • WinstonWinston Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: Captain SorWin
    Device and Model: iphone8
    Device Operating System: ios 11.2.5
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: When fighting alliance war using Mephisto versus drax, once pressing the start fight button, the game got crashed and returned to home screen. When start over the app, the fight cannot be recovered and lost one attack bonus and half health. The game counted me as time out but I did not fight at all. Please check the fighting time and return the war bonus point. This issue happened on 8:50am GMT+8 26 May 2019. Thanks.
  • PALMCSM69_PALMCSM69_ Posts: 15
    I have to restart game every 10 minutes
    And when i play arena I disconnect more than 10 times

  • gameonin3gameonin3 Posts: 0
    In-Game Name: GLΔΠX (Glanx using a different font)
    Device and Model: iPhone 6X
    Device Operating System: 12.3.1
    Cellular or WiFi: It happens on both Wi-Fi and cellular.
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1.
    Game Mode: It started with hitting “Fight” in any mode. Resulted in loosing half energy. Then it happened as I started the game. Crashes after login and before getting home screen. After deleting and re-downloading, crashes as it is performing the second download (after login).
    Description of the Issue: Game crashes/disappears. I re-booted my phone, deleted app and re-installed. Only made the problem worse as described in “Game Mode” above.
  • CodydewCodydew Posts: 4
    iPhone 6
    Current iOS
    Current version of the game.
    Everything wrong. 45-60 second load screens, often much longer than the fights themselves.
    Crystal openings are so glitchy and laggy. Ranking champs likewise. Scrolling thru champs to rank them takes forever, as one by one I have to wait on each character’s image to load. Even the offscreen ones. The game just drops me at random intervals, and I have to reboot the app. I honestly have to reboot the app before each aw/aq fight just to be safe and not get kicked during.
    Game is so slow and glitchy right now, it feels like I’m back in 1997 trying to use internet explorer on dial up modem
  • JediJones77JediJones77 Posts: 58
    edited May 28
    In-Game Name: JediJones77
    Device and Model: Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in Space Gray
    Device Operating System: iOS 12.3
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Version 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Event Quests, Arena
    Description of the Issue:
    The game is experiencing more overheating than it has in about a year and an extreme amount of crashing that I have never seen before. I cannot get through 10 nodes in an event quest or 20 arena fights before the phone is almost too hot to hold and the game crashes by minimizing itself and disappearing off the screen. It takes less than 5 minutes after the game crashes before the phone has cooled down to normal temperature levels. When restarting, I usually get the "fight recovered" screen but on some arena fights it doesn't return to it and counts the match as a loss. This has been going on for maybe two weeks but was probably slowly and steadily getting worse before that.

    As the phone gets hotter, everything in the game slows down in general. Champ pictures load slower and slower on every part of the game where they appear, slowly appearing one by one as the screen loads. Loading a fight or loading the map screen in quests, war or dungeons also gets slower and slower as the phone gets hotter. Opening champion crystals after the game has been running for even just a few minutes can cause more extreme slowness than anything else in the game, like waiting 10 minutes to open 10 crystals.

    I am not running any other apps while I play the game. All are hard shut down before I play. The app background refresh on the phone has been turned off for a year.
  • DaddyzoomDaddyzoom Posts: 10
    It's not fair it's kicked me out of a aw while in middle of a fight, which loses you point war match.
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 139

    Stuff like this is still happening.

    Gotta love that special outta knowhere. Wish I could do that to the AI. They would parry it though, if it was even possible.
  • Larry_qwe14Larry_qwe14 Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: - Larry qwe

    Device and Model: IPhone 8

    Device Operating System: ios 12.3.1

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1

    Game Mode: AW, AQ, Arena, opening crystals or just basically everywhere

    Description of the Issue: Frame drops laggy expirence etc.
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