Who will make for the better attacker when released?

From what you have seen in events and around the MCoc community who would be the better attacker of the 3?

Who will make for the better attacker when released? 59 votes

SnakeEyes69Gigantor13TheVyrusCoBfan1987johara84KillerRino19Logan00shadow_lurker22Chris1212123Shadow_PhoneixB_Dizzle_01ClydaniaJustcause102MC2707LordNeoRehan010_Arbiter2426GeorgiaDawgZurotheMercenary 24 votes
Ebony Maw
The_OneAhitlawDuke_SilverFishman13579Denzel116EtjamaMiStaLova 7 votes
Cull Obsidian/ Black Dward
ArcDeAngelusBigPoppaCBONERaganatorbloodyCainSavio444DkutctghRasiloverTaZ_4178cx23433Maldroit2RogerRabsRedEightFhfjghhggggjfhfjgpeasantTheSpicyKnightRockypantherxX_Factor_Agent_Chaos_LoctiteSuperGlueKalantak 28 votes


  • SlimeballSlimeball Posts: 251
    Cull Obsidian/ Black Dward
    dudes a unit
  • Ronin
    Balls to wall bleed champ with good crit/fury/and evade. Plus I think I am missing something.
  • 5tarscream5tarscream Posts: 73
    Cull Obsidian/ Black Dward
  • TerraTerra Posts: 825
    Equal between Cull and Ronin. Interesting. I guess maw is defender material
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 1,147
    Ebony Maw
    Vs. Electro, Korg, IMIW bosses, Medusa bosses. Thing?
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