Crit Me With Your Best Shot



  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 960 ★★★
    Ultra8529 said:

    The node description needs to be fixed at least, or the node interaction changed if its is not intended. This is a good catch.

    The node says non-crit hits do 0% damage. It does not say "only crits can do damage". Those are two vastly different things. The former addresses only "non-crit hits" and says nothing about damage over time effects like bleed, poison, OR's degen, quake's aftershocks, or direct damage like nullify from Symb Supreme.

    If Kabam wanted the node to be that you could only do any damage through critical hits, it should say "takes 100% less damage from any source", or "only takes damage from critical hits".

    Kabam, hire this guy.
  • DrekDrek Posts: 28

    To be very honest, I understood it as only critical hits do damage. "The defender takes 100% less damage from hits that are not critical" translates to me as only critical hits do damage. 100% less = 0 damage. That's just me though.

    I will agree with the second part, that they should fix it to clarify regarding damage over time, like bleed & whatnot. But the whole hits part, seems pretty obvious to me.

    This. Seemed pretty straightforward. Although I didn’t read the first node against Gulk and was like “wth?” 😂

    I need to get better at reading nodes

  • AmonthirAmonthir Posts: 721 ★★★
    Ha, yeah, I went in with X-23, thinking that sure, normal hits won’t do anything, but crits and Bleed all the way! ... why aren’t they taking any bleed damage...? They even proc on crits!
  • F1TLYFEF1TLYFE Posts: 38
    I hate this node so much it's horrible the fight can go on for so long ! And it's very misleading I have a group with DOT and nothing happens whatsoever
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