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Wich one 5 65?

AanthoAantho Posts: 159
This is a hard choice for me, i finished and complete act 5 but not LOL and act 6. I have got 3 and a half T5b and no options 6*.
Any advice will help me, thanx !!

Wich one 5 65? 26 votes

Spider Man stark dupe
Kenny292DarkZenBuckeyeKPDkutctghSDPMoudouEtjamaMother_FlerkenCollector37Milan1405 10 votes
Blade dupe
Savio444TJ107 2 votes
SuperSam57Marvel2289 2 votes
Domino dupe
Thecrusher_9756LaVarBBBMathking13Rockypantherx_Chaos_NANDORDITT 6 votes
CAIW dupe
A l p h aSpiderCoolsGritabit13579rebel_ 4 votes
Hyperion (can be duped)
MrTicTac19992008dannyone87 2 votes


  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 988 ★★★
    Domino dupe
    Domino is a really good option for Labyrinth, especially if you have Red Hulk and Masacre for the Flaming Trinity. Just parry and heavy until they die. With the exception of Red Hulk, of course, who you'll still be able to parry infinitely with the Flaming Trinity...
    Otherwise Hyperion is awesome for RoL potion farming, Corvus is great for slicing through 90% of uncollected EQ content, CAIW has just generally a lot of damage, Blade is amazing for taking out villains and mystics, and SMSE is really good for damage if you can master his playstyle.
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 159
    Thank you, i like all of them but i can't decide !!! I don't know if i'm doing wrong with Domino and Corvus but i feel it's hard for me to play perfectly with them
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