5* Spidey Gwen or 5* Aegon to R4

Both champions are unawakened. I enjoy playing Spidey Gwen quite a lot, and she has a lot of decent utility even unawakened. Aegon can be fun, but I know he relies on his Sig Ability to carry his combo across. Both for me are currently viable options for Rank 4. Which should I choose and why?

5* Spidey Gwen or 5* Aegon to R4 26 votes

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  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 385
    An unawakened Ægon won't do much for you
  • Alpha ScorpionAlpha Scorpion Posts: 298
    Unless you're desperate I'd say wait for now... Aegon ain't R4 worthy unduped and spidergwen isn't really outside of defence! Just my opinion

    Alpha Scorpion
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