Ummm...... what? New Summoner's Journey and Special Missions

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I'm confused about why I'm getting a "must be a certain level" to unlock message when I've been level 60 for well over 3 year. Please explain? I mean, they do unlock after i complete the previous mission, although on some of these like the win a certain amount of dungeons using avengers mission, doesn't carey your count to the next tier. That's kind of harsh. I mean, I'll do it but it's going to be a lot of time. And the get any 5 star avenger one is kind of a cheap shot. Will be the only one for most who won't get this one. It's luck of the draw really unless you sell a 5 star avenger crystal containing only avengers for 15k shards or units. Just saying.


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    You have to complete the [1/4] Win 5 Dungeon Fights Objective first (and then go in and CLAIM it), before any additional fights will count towards the next [2/4] Win 10 Dungeons Objective.
    And so on, for the 15 Dungeon, etc.
    So in reality, you need to do 5+10+15+20 Dungeon fights in all, Claiming each level along the way before the next level starts counting.

    Not sure why the “reach Summoner level 25” message was there, probably just wrong wording as to above explanation as to why it's locked.
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