16.8mil 5x5 Gold Alliance

LXG is currently looking for skilled active members to join our ranks. We are a newer alliance with a lot of veteran experienced player.

We run map 5x5 in AQ and complete everyday. We run 3 bgs for AW and are climbing the tiers very fast. We do normal map 5 donations and do not have event minimums. As long as people are active we place well in events. We are after good rewards but also want to have a good time doing it

Our goal:

Top 500 AQ rewards

AW gold 1 or higher


Must have map 5 experience

Must be able to run AQ and AW simultaneously. ( Also being able to effectively clear )

Must be active

Must be 18+

If interested please message me on line and I will get back to you ASAP
ID: djackzx


  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 79
    Currently one spot to fill if interested let me know!
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 79
    Looking for one we have a member stepping down if anyone is interested message me
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 79
    18mil ranting now 5x5 150mil+ AQ looking for 1
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 79
    Currently looking to fill one spot
  • ZxZ3ZxZ3 Posts: 98

    My roster depth isn’t great but I’m able to do map5 mini and boss no problem.
    Also can do my war path, and mini too. Have 65555 aq experience and tier 7 war. Line is is xrated157 if I fit the bill
  • ZxZ3ZxZ3 Posts: 98

    Don’t want to be fooled either. Like I have been
  • Djackz_1Djackz_1 Posts: 79
    Looking to replace an inactive member if interested please message me on line.
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