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I never Spent Money Than 5 Dollar In This Game... Why, Coz Its Amount Of Sale Item Is To Expensive In My Country... 4$ Mean RM20 RINGGIT in My COUNTRY... AND 99$ Mean RM400 RINGGIT... THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY... So If KABAMM Can Adjust The Money System. That Would Be Good News... 4$ For RM4 RINGGIT... 4$ For 4 BAHT... SAME MONEY LIKE USA COUNTRY... Some Time I Want To Buy That KABAMM OFFER... BUT I Can't... LOL


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    Or ... you can like many of us save units and wait for offers without cash purchase.
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    I think you'll find the cost of cash offers is converted to the equivalent amount in each country depending on exchange rates. The $99 offer is £99 in the UK and if your country's currency is weak and 20 RM (whatever currency that is) is equivalent to $4, then that's it, tough luck, bro.
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