rank up advice please.

rank up advice please. 6 votes

4* magik (unduped) to rank 4
4* duped sym supreme (duped) to rank 4
raffster 1 vote
4* venom (duped) to rank 4
FhfjghhggggjfhfjgReynie3 2 votes
4* iceman (duped) to rank 4
unknownSnake_eaterMC2707 3 votes


  • raffsterraffster Posts: 1,069 ★★★
    4* duped sym supreme (duped) to rank 4
    Those are all excellent choices. It really depends who else you have in your roster.
  • You’ve asked 28 different “Rankup ?” posts. In general rankup all of them. Impossible to know who is best for you each time without knowing your whole roster, what events you’re doing, etc. (and by no means am I advocating for posting your whole roster in all these posts.

    Those type of things are best asked within an alliance group chat where your teammates have an idea of how everyone is doing, what additional AW defensive champs your alliance needs, what nodes everyone is having problems with, etc.
    If your alliance is only using in-game chat, I suggest you all look at using Line App, Discord App, or another similar group chat app outside of the game.

    As to this post of yours, any (or all) of those listed (and it's only to 4/40, so no T4CC Cats to worry about conserving).
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