Vision AOU glitch [Fixed]



  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    As long as damage is being done, why worry about he numbers?
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    I am playing on Samsung Tablet galaxy A. I am going to to see if a software update for the device might be the cause.
    Thanks for helping
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Well it will be nice to see what the damage you did or left remaining after a norma hit or critical. I find it really odd that I am the only person experiencing this visual issue with this Champ.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    It's not that. I just killed Morningstar by ending the fight with a punch, kick, and L1 Power Burn. Numbers for the punch and kick show on my screen. The Power Burn showed no visual numbers.
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    Let me test again. But I’m pretty sure it works fine for me.
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    Every powerburn showed over 2000 damage.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    It has to be a visual bug then. Is there setting in this game on which I can reset an off and on setting for Visual? If so, how.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Still having this problem. No visual damage is showing on my screen for either Power drain or Steal.
    Does anyone have a way to reset video settings for this darn game? can I re download the resent patch that it might WORK?
    it's annoying whenever your in a fight and not knowing how damage your doing on anew opponent.

  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    Can you upload a video of this issue so we can see it. So far you are the only one reporting it.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Uh boy. I am an old guy, lol, not exactly how I would do that. Let me try to figure it out. I will try and use the duped 2* to show everything burn and steal. This might take me a whIle. Rofl.
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    Do you use an iPhone. If so the last update makes it very easy
  • Moises_HMoises_H Posts: 75
    I’m still having an issue where my vision aou is not stealing back power after specials.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    I made a movie but it says it's not allowed.
    The .mov I have is too large. Like 3mb. I do not know how to make it smaller.

    Can somone please Help? But this video will illustrate the issue at shows both power burn and Power Steal against an unblocked opponent Iron Man.

    I have it saved on my Google drive.
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    Just upload to YouTube and post a link
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Here is a video I made showing the issue I was explaining. As I said I am very bad at making these videos, so I apologize. However, it clearly shows 2 times that Vision Power Burn and Power Steal not showing Any actual numbers on the screen. Only words when L1 special is activated. Nor numbers are visual when iron man blocks.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Any MCOC moderator now able to believe me that there is still a bug for these champs?. It's obviously not affecting every player but clearly some.

    I am hoping someone in the community has an idea how to fix this issue.
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 53
    What did Kabam say when you submitted a ticket?
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Was hoping the community would have a big enough expression that things are still not fixed. But not a whisper.
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    You are the only one that seems to care or even mention it anymore. So thanks for that anyway.
    I will just have to play and hope it gets resolved whenever some update or patch is released by the development team.

    I was looking forward to play this champ. Playing blind will be a challenge!!
  • KocheeseKocheese Posts: 391 ★★
    Odd, mine Burns and deals damage
    Android lg v20

  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey @Sura. Sorry that you're still having some issues with Power Burn. Can you let me know the device and OS version that you're playing on? Thanks!
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Thank you for helping. Here is info.

    Samsung galaxy TAB A
    Model sm-p550
    Android version 7.1.1
    Samsung experience 8.5
    Android security patch level August 1 2017

    Thank you again
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    @Sura thanks for the update. I'll check with the team on this.
  • ProducteProducte Posts: 30

    this issue still goes on for me. Two examples:

    On arena, right now, Vision (AoU) vs 5* cable (not awakened).
    My Vision hits Cable with a special 2. Cable power barsgo away but zero damage in his life.

    On AQ Map 6. Vision (AoU) vs Black Widow.
    My vision hits BW with special one. Damage is done but power bars stick at 2 bars. No impact there.

    iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS 11.0.2
  • I too am experiencing this issue. Just now during arena SP1 not taking off any damage but power is drained.

    iPhone 7
    iOS 10.3.3
  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    Can we please change the subject of this post to (Not Fixed Yet)

    It's misleading to anyone still experiencing issues with this champ. And will allow others a central point of search.
    Thank you

  • SuraSura Posts: 89
    I think the visual issue i have been mentioning to you about maybe because of the actual color, RED, and the location of the words Power Burn, also in RED, when shown on certain devices.

    Meaning, the words and the damage are hitting on the screen at the same time. And since the numbers are actually smaller than the words, the numbers get hidden in the background for a second or two.

    So it's very hard to see. Hope that makes sense. If there is some way for people to change color, that would fix people's issues.
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