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Okay so most of the time when people come up with good ideas and solutions, Kabam will move/close the post and then never look at it again. It really baffles me. Why bother having a Suggestions tab when you don't look at them? Can they for once look at these posts?


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    They look at the posts. But sometimes post are in the wrong section and are moved to the proper one for better assistance. The suggestions tab is reguerly checked by Kabam for points of interest. I'd wager they keep a monthly list of stuff and pick the best stuff theuvr seen on the forums to implement
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    If they get moved or closed its because its a duplicate topic and theres an already ongoing thread. New threads clutter the forums and makes it harder to find things. Take for instance gold realms or arenas. There are new threads on this daily. Good idea or not, theres already other active threads someone can add too plus Kabam knows everyone wants a gold realm or arena.

    Many of the new threads aren't new ideas, just rehashed ones in a new thread. Very few community members actually search before posting. And since many of the topics have been posted before, there isnt a lot of info to pass on to the game teams.

    The MODS jobs first and foremost are to moderate the forum which means cleaning up posts and comments. Theres 100's and 100's of threads a day and a handful of moderators to handle it.
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