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Kabam I know your hands are full with all the bugs and known issues. But please don't forget to fix Alliance pairings. More specifically getting paired up to a harder map. Like now my team is tier 4 and we get paired up to teir 3 and AW map 3, but if we win we still get tier 4 rewards and points. It's not right, to fight on that map but get less.


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    It's always been that way. When you Match with an Alliance in another Tier, the Map is randomly selected between the two.
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 203
    I comprehend it's been that way. It isn't right. You should get the rewards for the map your against.
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    It's always been that way. When you Match with an Alliance in another Tier, the Map is randomly selected between the two.

    My alliance was recently paired up with another one where we're both in Tier 4 multiplier, and had to play the Tier 3 map....! Sucks big time. Contacted support and cannot get a straight answer. Mods silent on this one too... it’s a big disadvantage to a team that doesn’t have the map experience. Lucky for us we’d been hovering between Tier 3 and 4 so have done it a few times now.

    I have never seen the reverse where you can be in Tier 3, play an opponent in Tier 4 and get given a Tier 4 map...
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    Same with us two ally’s in tier 6, played challenger (tier5) map and rewarded at tier 6 multiplier. Wtf explain how that is normal and always been that way.
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    We were in tier 1 and matched with a (stronger) tier 2 group on the way up from tanking. The +/- had us favored even though we were the weaker group. It showed us with the x7 multiplier all through placement and then switched to x6.2 the next day. We lost the war and a ton of war rating and didn't get the benefit of the higher multiplier we had earned. @GroundedWisdom the way it has always been no one, whether Support or Mod, seems to be able to adequately explain. I agree with the OP. The way they say it works isn't the way it always works or the way it should work.
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    Traditionally, it has chosen Maps randomly and given Rewards based on the Tier you are in. Some had issue with that because you could play a higher Map and get lower Rewards, however that's how it's been. Recently, it's been awarding different Multipliers, and that's come up before. My best theory on this is it takes a Snapshot when you Enlist, and you earn based on that. Not sure if that's the case or there is an issue. I do know the issue has been brought up since the new Matchmaking system has been implemented.
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