SDF on DISCORD looking for 2

[-SDF-] looking for 2:

⦾ 175k+
⦾ Adult
⦾ North America / Canada / UK

The SDF is:
★ 6m+
★ AQ Expert & 5x5
★ Adults [actual adults with mortgage and/or kids]
★ Longest running MCOC alliance on Discord

★ We run AQ5x5 weekly.
★ We hit AQ Expert weekly.
★ We are not trying to run AQ6.
★ We hit 20-40% SA weekly.
★ We are not hoard - because that is dumb.

★ We are absurdly well organized.

★ Oh, and I run the MCOC Spotlight & work on the CollectorDevTeam.

Just click on the pretty picture and come chat with us.


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