Time to update the solo crystals

DalBotDalBot Posts: 933 ★★★★
Title speaks for itself. The Greater and Lesser Solo Crystals are far beyond outdated. Time to add some shards and 5* sig stones at the very least.


  • DeathShooter85DeathShooter85 Posts: 38
    That would be so much better and what about the quest crystals
  • BlackHeartX21BlackHeartX21 Posts: 2
    I think adjusting the rewards according to the achievement of the summoner (e.g Cavalier) is necessary so the rewards can help the summoner progress and rank up champs that will be applicable to use for more harder content like Variant and Act 6. I think 5 star shards, Generic and Class sig stones will be good rewards for this crystals.
  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 1,600 Guardian
    @BlackHeartX21 this is a growing consensus from what I can see. I've also suggested this be done across the board. Progression title gated rewards of all varieties. Events, Solo Crystals, a Sunday Arena, the login reward Calendar, etc. Each catering better to the progression of the player.
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