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If boys are the problem, why don’t u (Kabam) limit the number of items (2-3) an account can receive in a 24 hour period and/or limit the number of items an account can receive total (4-6) in the same period?


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    *bots - stupid autocorrect
  • Would this be lifted during the Gifting events? If we were capped at either end (sending or receiving) this would be problematic in a Gifting Event. More you give, the more you get point wise. While the idea of placing caps on Gifting does solve the exploitation of the system, it also will limit what one can do during a gifting event. The event is rather lucrative for Kabam too. It's a difficult situation.

    Perhaps, internalizing Gifting strictly within Alliances, would make exploiting the system more difficult. Blackout parameters would also be needed so people couldn't jump in and out of Alliances to exploit the system. That way, item caps wouldn't be needed. Or at least less necessary than if it were a free for all like it was. This also would limit the chances in which one could pull shifty maneuvers.

    For example, back last year during the Gifting Event in December, there were a few who would join an Alliance, make a 'deal' to trade Greater Gifting Crystals, and not follow through. Then they'd dip out of the Alliance after recieving what they wanted, in turn screwing over the person they had made the deal with. Then repeat this over, and over again elsewhere.

    1 player got tracked through 6+ Alliances before the word got out to not do deals with them. Placing a Gifting Blackout period in a situation where it's only allowed within Alliances, would in fact make such impossible to pull off multiple times in a row. Sure, it could happen a few times within a month. However, the practice of such would be severely limited with a blackout period.

    This also would make general exploitation of the Gifting system less likely. To further limit this, a tracking algorithm could be deployed to look for certain patterns/criteria. Two major things that come to mind are a player running an Alliance that has people jump in for the Blackout, do their 'business' via the Gifting system, and then the players leave. Or, a player is constantly jumping in and out of Alliances. Waiting for the blackout period to end, again doing their 'business', and then leaving. Both situations spell exploitation of the system for gains that shouldn't be part of the game. If either is found to be the case, red flags are raised, all accounts that made high transactions with the main 'seller' account would be locked up via ban pending further investigation. I would imagine this coukd detour for the exploitation of such a Giftinf System.
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    With gifting currently unavailable, “gifting events” are a mute point. If gifts come back, the daily cap could be increased.

    As far as dealing with alliance jumping, simply prevent someone who newly joins an ally from being able to send or receive gifts for 24 hours.
  • That's what I was talking about via a Blackout period. 24 hours is WAY too short IMO. 6 days would heavily detour abuse. Waiting a day to hustle someone is nothing. As it was said that Gifting Events were likely the only time it will be available for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't say they're a moot point. I would wager they'll probably be testing grounds to see how much abuse will occur if brought back. You gotta remember, they pulled the system out because of the abuse. Capping the items sent isn't necessarily the answer as it limits point allocation in such an event.

    Keeping it internal via Alliances, and creating a blackout of at minimum 6 days would HEAVILY detour abuse. Or at least curb it quite a bit. If you're stuck waiting that long, and are moving on cue around said timeframes, it would help catch those that are abusing the system. Either way, it would be nice if we had something that worked for Gifting someday. Even capping items would be better than nothing. Just could see many legitimate players wanting more is all.
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    If boys are the problem, why don’t u (Kabam) limit the number of items (2-3) an account can receive in a 24 hour period and/or limit the number of items an account can receive total (4-6) in the same period?

    Bots weren't the issue.
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    It isn’t bots that are the issue, it’s fraud with the resources or something like that, from what I’ve heard it’s people gifting items for money with units not earned legitimately or something along those lines
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