Champions With Guaranteed Critical Hits Are Critting Through Block (Wasp, Ghost, Modok, etc.)

I noticed after last months patch that champions with guaranteed critical hits were able to score critical hits on a blocking opponent despite not having that ability. In the past the only champions that could get critical hits on an opponents block were champions that specifically had that ability added to them such as Corvus or Yondu.

Right now champions such as Wasp, Ghost, and Modok are able to get critical hits on block whenever they would score a guaranteed critical hit which is leading to massive block damage when fighting these champions in modes like Uncollected or Variant. This is definitely a bug unless this was an intended change to the mechanics of guaranteed critical hits now ALSO granting the ability to crit through an enemies block.

Again for clarity, before last months patch NO champion could score a critical hit on an opponents block UNLESS they specifically had that as part of their abilities. Now it seems any champion with guaranteed critical hits has been granted that ability erroneously.

Video for proof:


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