Simple Fight Backgrounds

Can there be an option added that removes the dynamic backgrounds when fighting?

Since the defenders play so fast and agressive seeing planes landing or these deep overly bright or overly dark backgrounds makes it difficult to focus on the defender

Take for example the level where its lava, dark and youre fighting void. It becomes pretty difficult to even see him, much less fight him when he has every "agressive" node up

Id rather something simple like a dojo -- that has a short depth of field, neutral lighting and would also remove strain on devices.
I liked the backdrops when the game first came out but now it can mess me over if i get a dark character with a dark map or one of the maps that are overly complicated.
If i could turn off "dynamic maps" and just play EQ with a singluar simple map it would ease my eyes and make the game less difficult given part of the difficult factor is seeing what move the defender is about to throw.


  • B_RabbittB_Rabbitt Posts: 134
    That is a curious point. Personally I don't have any issue with the backgrounds giving me difficulty with seeing opponents or slowing my device.

    I am curious if this a problem with anybody else and if KABAM will put this into the game.
  • BogiaBogia Posts: 86
    I think there should be an option for lower graphic settings. Turning down all animations a notch or two would help a lot for people with older devices. I just got a new iPad after playing on a 4 year old one, and I couldn't believe the difference; no more lagging at all, fights loading ridiculously fast, not getting stuck on the crystal opening screen for 5 minutes... it helped everything.
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,099 ★★★
    Well, I hate it when new updates need newer hardware. If updates forces players to buy new devices, there should be a way to downscale the features so that older devices dont get obsolete fast.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,294 ★★★
    Been requested several times... Both the bad combination of dark (skull/lava) background with dark fighters (Void, etc) for visibility sake. As well as Option for NO-Animation or Non-3D-aspect backgrounds, etc, for performance sake (especially for those without state-of-the-art latest devices).
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 514 ★★
    when I upgraded my tablet, I discovered there's actually differences to some maps between the older tablet and the newer one. Asteroid M has a moving satellite/radar dish that wasn't on the old tablet, the random asteroid has large chunks of glowing Iso that weren't there. Savage Land has flying pternadons in the background. The Kyln has a little drone thing flying about, as does Blue Area of the Moon. There's a couple others too...
  • I would not mind if they add some kind of a simple Background (a dojo like previous mentioned) and also add the option to set your default background. So it would be possible to set one default arena (out of every arena available) with the best visuals for your needs. After the war etc. is over you could set the option back to random and enjoy the different backgrounds.
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