Player 586K nice profile looking for 10 millions alliance not under

ok i have lot of choice 4R5 and 5R4 and soon a 6*
i need a friendly alliance it s very important with real life (i m adult with kid and real life) with people who play not people who wait for rewards i knew that in some alliance.

i need a 553x5 or 443 or 533 something like that no full 5 i think the best score is 80 millions no more
AW gold 3 maybe gold 2 (tier 5/8) always have shards 5/4 never 4/3 .
line ok but i m not so often there if you need a player very often there it s not me so forget me
i dont play with path assigned but i always take the same on in WAR and AQ but can change it sometimes it depends.
SA till 320k not under
all event except ARENA but i score a little

if my profile is ok for you and what i ask : contact me in the game : JeanClaudeDusse


  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154
    only contact me in the game in dont check messages here. thanks

  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154

    that s my profile ....
  • BlindKnightBlindKnight Posts: 43
    In-game friend invites sent! I'm an officer in a 15mil, 24-person alliance that's rebuilding back to 30 (we had a lot of players retire recently heading into summer). We're a chill alliance of people who love marvel and the game, but real life always comes first! We have no event minimums. We are running map 5/4 or 5/3/3 now; we plan on going back to 5/4/3 or even 5/5/3 if we can get back to the full 30; we'll never be 555x5. We used to be Gold 2, but the loss of people put us down to Gold 3 last season. Next AW season, we'll push back through Gold 2; in September, we'll then reach for Gold 1. We have no "required" donations, merely "suggested" - we have a lot of awesome folks who voluntarily donate a ton so this way the lower folks don't have to sweat it. We are very organized and require the use of Line to communicate. We'd love to have you.
  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154
    i m EU time zone not good for you ...
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