Dorm Map 6 second mini boss

SkkcSkkc Posts: 110
What would be the best counter for this guy? I tried Ghulk and he got rekt. Dorm just didn't use his specials and spite node got him to sp3. Revived and same thing. just wasn't throwing his specials. maybe I was unlucky or maybe it's rigged that way. Magik won't work as power control abilities have 90% chance to fail. Would void be the best counter?

He is so stingy with specials, this seems like another cash grab move by kabam. Risking loosing the entire community’s trust here.


  • Ultra8529Ultra8529 Posts: 526 ★★★
    Magik should still work. The node limits power draining abilities, and not power locking abilities.

    Blade also works just gotta not proc dex, which is the aim whenever you fight dormamu anyway.
  • hankenarhankenar Posts: 34
    She-Hulk wrecks him.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 7,391 ★★★★★
    Ghost with hood can be imuns to to The danmged will phess But you stil take a lot of danmged if you do use a sp2.
  • Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★★
    Ice man... no buffs and can take sp3’s...
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 947 ★★★
    I agree with trying the she hulk way...he is xl and she has class advantage...perfect situation for her to shine...a few fury stacks will get him to an sp1 cycle and then u can save upto an sp2 for more damage
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
    The difficulty on these alliance quest mini bosses went way up
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
    But the rewards pay the same how is that?
  • TerraTerra Posts: 4,517 ★★★★★
    Bear3 said:

    Ice man... no buffs and can take sp3’s...

    I'm fairly certain Ice Armor counts as a armor up buff
  • Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
    He has spite
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