AQ Corvus (Map 4) shrugs off stuns?

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I was just playing Map 4, using Cpt. Beardo vs 2nd Corvus mini boss. Was doing "well", and threw my 3rd 2nd special of the match, stunning him .. went in for a combo while stunned, only to have him shrug off the stun (similar to how Agent Venom would shrug it off) and intercept me with a sp2 .. 1 shotting me .. O.o

I've reread the nodes, and Corvus's abilities, I see nothing in which would grant him the ability to shrug off a stun early .. so I'm pretty sure there's a bug here ...

I don't have the means to record a match, and obviously now way to record a match already done .. :( but wanted to get a thread started here to discuss .. in case I missed something ... or if anyone else has happened to see the same thing?


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    I just did a map-4 against Corvus (1st mini, not 2nd mini), using same CapIW, SP2 did stun him, and was able to follow up with another combo while Corvus was stunned. So if he happened to shrug off yours (not sure if extra buffs or links on 2nd mini might give him something different), but doesn’t shrug it off always.
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    Yeah, not always .. worked fine first 2 times .. (ie stunned him, went him, combo .. just fine) . but third time I tried it . did exactly same thing .. and bam, ate a sp2, as he shrugged the stun off early .. O.o
    (I saw the stun timer wasn't even half way, and then it just dropped .. ) :(

    no extra links .. everything down ... just the local nodes .. and nothing there that I saw affecting stun or debuffs ..
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