I love my 6 star roster



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    Midnite93 said:

    I think storm is better duped and I like her special damage and sentry is ok check idelest old videos of his gameplay. Juggernaut seriously needs a buff! At least you haven’t pulled hulkbuster and dead pool force...

    Ya I used a duped 4 star storm for Act 4 and a bit of Act 5 but unduped she isnt impressive. I tried finding a silver lining for sentry but it seems he needs the dupe. Juggs is pretty bad tho lol, probably will be on defence for diversity.
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    Check out my pull.

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    raffster said:

    Whoever signed off the agreement to allow garbage champs in the 6* roster clearly has very deep hatred and animosity towards the player base.

    As per Kabam , all champs are equal

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    Feeney234 said:

    You're pretty late to the party
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    Feeney234 said:

    16 months later...
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