Doing map 7 5 times a week it is impossible with the amount of loyalty that the game current design gives
We can have a perfect season and still will not have loyalty and when it come to exchanging them for units that 500 units for one week of aq! About 20 dollars please make this a change.


  • I would wager that the Loyalty numbers will increase come Season 11. I know that doesn't help now though. I found it very interesting that the reduced Map 7 costs didn't reduce the amount of Loyalty required. Map 7 was one of my bullet points when I was rooting for an AW reward update for this season. The single war rewards was what I was hoping to see updated. Alas, no. You're right though. The amount of Loyalty made in a cycle of war is not nearly enough if you're running Map 7×5. Forget about buying any boosts from the Loyalty store on that note. It would be nice to see an increase in availability for sure.
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