Summoner Advancement 5 star rewards vs 6 star

6 star crystal openings and rank up should be worth more than a 5 star. Both are the same now, but 5 stars are much more prevalent in the game and 6 stars require a lot of resources to rank up. Maybe I'm on the minority.


  • N3L1T0N3L1T0 Posts: 3
    ***in the minority
  • Oh I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with this one. There's a LOT about Summoner Advancement that I can't wrap my head around. They do not list the 6* Feature Crystal. They do not list a 5* crystal separate from the 5* shard crystal. A 4* crystal gives you 5k in points, so shouldn't a 5* crystal allocated from wherever give you the same considering they're more rare? There's other details that are for sure head scratchers. SA could do for a bit of tweaking to say the least.
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