Act 5.4.5 immunity path - pls help

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Hey folks- I’m really struggling with the immunity path, most of the time the Spider-Man classic wrecks my team. And since I can’t put debuffs on anyone and can’t survive past Hyperion yet.. I’m really struggling. What tips can you suggest for this path? Champion choices? I don’t have BW, KM, and my venom is 4* 3/30 and don’t fancy ranking him up just for that as I’m short on gold. Here’s my roster:


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    For classic spiderman, bring Proxima midnight with corvus , finish that true strike mission with spiderman miles morales.

    magik for hyperion , 4 hit combo + intercept + Sp2
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    It’s worth taking venom to 4/40 for variant 2. I did a lot of the first chapter with him at that rank and he shredded it. There is another spidey in 5.4.6 too.
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 1,478 ★★★★
    I beat Hyperion with domino. Let him get to sp1, bait, evade and attack
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    Guys this is all really helpful. Thanks. Hadn’t thought about Corvus with proxima on MM, @Ethans8279, will defo try that out. Will really help on NC too

    @Berjibs I beat variant 2 with the flaming trinity, it’s much more straightforward than ultron’s variant!

    @Deli there’s always that hype start to fall back on. Can use a boost to speed things up. Cheers
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    @Ethans8279 - the proxima tactic worked! First take, first try. No revives, but a couple of potions with a mistake I made on trying to dex spiderman’s sp1. She hulk made light work of Hyperion thanks to her passive taunt. Yeeees
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