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Who should go to r5 65

H3t3rH3t3r Posts: 1,435 ★★★★
Its between medusa and void

Who should go to r5 65 30 votes

Medusa(Sig 80)
Mitchell35AntSeekTheSpicyKnightHedronThe_WatcherSkinnyfatboy82ILLUSION8 7 votes
Void(Sig 114)
danielmathCmbk96Greifmaster911OmegaManErkThecrusher_9756Timrosdfmoore26KillerRino19Ingi_Freyr1975ToxicBladeshadow_lurker22RishikAnthinhoWebby72X_Factor_AgentRJustice_209EtjamaSquishyjrThe_4THJustAnotherDude 23 votes


  • ToxicBladeToxicBlade Posts: 62
    Void(Sig 114)
    This depends entirely on who you have already and what you need right now. Medusa and Void are very different, and excel at different things.
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