Summoner appreciation boost

Are we getting a summoner appreciation boost (where we get 20% health/attack boost and 20% more gold and bc) I have a ton of gold crystals I’ve been hoarding since the last summoner appreciation boost (which was around Christmas or New Years) I know we have the summoner appreciation calendar but it’s been almost 6 months


  • This has been brought up quite a few times over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately I don't think it's happening this time. I could be wrong though. As it stands, no direct answer (that I know of anyway) has been stated in regards to this boost. I have a nice stack of Gold Crystals for such an occasion should it happen. Best I can give you is, we shall see. Judging by the existence of the Summoner Appreciation 3 month Login Calendar, and no mention of the boost in the message sent in game... it's not looking good for it to occur.
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