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Mastery respec

I think allowing players to respec individual masteries instead of entire trees would be a great quality of life improvement for the player base.

Current solution is not only expensive, but also quite time consuming. I understand that it was probably designed in that way to stop players from changing their masteries very often, but the game has evolved so much over the years. In some cases players need to do that in order to go through various game modes efficiently. Hopefully there is something that the devs are planning here :)
Being able to change individual masteries would be the ideal solution, but if that's not possible perhaps mastery presets are an option?

Devs please... Pretty please :p


  • There should be the option (just like ADDING a Level to a Mastery Node) where you could LOWER a Node's Level. So long as it would not result in “un-met” requirements of other current Mastery Nodes (like the # of pts needed to unlock Willpower, or can't lower a Node to 0 if you have pts in Nodes that follow it, etc).
  • digital-SOBdigital-SOB Posts: 258 ★★
    3 Presets would be amazing, offense/defense/other.
    This way at the screen where we choose our 3 to 5 champs for AW and AQ we just tap which preset we want to apply. Obviously having more defensive masteries would make defense placement in AW more interesting
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