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5 star shard crystal

I've one 5 star champion which is Dr. Voodoo and I got him month before my first 4 star champ which was Thor (ragnarok) , Got lucky right?

Now the thing is I don't want any stupid champion that waste my 5 star shard...

So should I wait for more 5000 shard and open featured 5 star shard crystal or it isn't worth that??

It's not easy for 5 star shard to get atmy level (37) but still I hope that I don't get any stupid champ..lol...


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    CarossyCarossy Posts: 1,547 ★★★
    Well, my advice is to open the 5* featured only when you have enough champs (more than 20), that way if you get a "trash" champ you would get ISO and 6* shards, but if you are lvl 37 I should say to open a normal 5* crystal.
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    Truthfully, at your level, stick with the Basic Crystal. The Feature is quite the gamble when you're not taking in a lot of 5* shards on the regular. Getting more, even not so great champs is better at your level than hoping you land an ideal champ from a Feature crystal. You will undoubtedly pull some less than ideal champs along the way. Everyone does.

    Better to play the odds in getting more vs shooting too high too early. You could just as easily land a Hulkbuster from the Feature as you could from the Basic as it's all dictated by RNG. To be quite honest, you actually have a greater chance to get him from the Feature simply by numbers. Yes, there's some nice champs in the Feature. Landing a Namor would be fantastic. Just the same, it's a heck of a gamble at your level.
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    OneAboveAll13OneAboveAll13 Posts: 190
    @Carossy @SiriusBreak thanks mates, I'll keep that in mind...
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