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What is the philosophy behind changing teams in wars offseason and then getting back together during the season? What is the benefit?


  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 11,449 Guardian
    I'm assuming you're talking about shell swapping, where all the members of an alliance basically jump out of one alliance and into another one and sometimes back again in between war seasons. There's a couple technical variations on whats going on, but the (slightly over) simplified answer is that war seasons are all about points, and you get points by winning and by having the highest multiplier for those points possible. Your multiplier is based on your tier, not your rating, so whether you are the highest alliance in tier 3 or the lowest alliance in tier 3 your multiplier is the same. Since your multiplier is the same, then all things being equal it is better to be the lowest alliance in tier 3 rather than the highest alliance in tier 3 because both have the same point multiplier but the lower alliance gets matched against lower alliances - meaning their wars are easier than the wars that the higher alliance faces.

    During the season you have no choice but to win as often as possible to get as much points as possible. But during the off season it doesn't matter as much if you win or lose. So what if you won most of your wars during the season and rose in rating to the point where you were at the top of tier 3. You'd start next season with harder fights. But if you deliberately lose during the off season, you could lower your rating to the point where you started the next season back at the bottom of tier 3. Then you'd be more likely to win more wars during the next season.

    There's a couple ways to do this, and a couple of them involves swapping alliances. The gist of it is that you can manipulate rating in one alliance to get what you want then use that alliance during the season, swapping between alliances helps facilitate this manipulation.
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