Worth investing in the game today?

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Im currently at lvl 48 and wrking on exploring act 4. I cannot finish master eq and it’s been around 3 months I started. The game is already 4 years old and prolly by year we will have act 6 completed by some players.

So is it worth investing close to around $500 to unlock all the masteries, since there is no way to try some expensive masteries and see if you really want to purchase them? For example I could spend on unlocking double suicides and recovery , WP and even coagulate and then later find it’s not really to my liking.

Also any forced damage nodes or cash grabs in act 5 I need to worry about , because I don’t want to be in a position where I spend 500$ and then have to spend more on pots and revives just to clear content.

Also the time taken to progress champs hasn’t changed and sometimes I feel even basic parry inputs miss.

Please give me an unbiased response , so I may decide if I want to go ahead and spend.?

Also I saw many you tubers and high rated players quit as soon as act 6 was released due to the 4* ban , so will I forced to spend on cavalier crystals to build 6 * roster as it takes 4 months of UC eq to pull a 6* champ and then you could end up with iron fist dpx or HB For all you know.

So I’m pretty confused right now . Let alone the gripes people have everyday with aq and aw.



  • AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
    Ok I just completed master eq first time today in 3 months. The reason I wanted to unlock suicides is that so I can grow playing with them and understand how my champs interact and improvise accordingly.

    The NC in 3.2 master would have been easier with my 3* Emma with full suicides.

    Any heal block nodes in act 5 that I need to worry about?
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    I've got most of my masteries unlocked, and I don't remember having to spend $500 on them. I've been playing for about 7 months. I get most of my units from grinding arenas (which gives you gold, units, ISOs) as well as giving you a nice 4* champ at the same time.

    I first unlocked all the usual masteries then all of deep wounds, then I got Omega Red and went to concentrate on suicides. I felt a bit upset after spending all those units on deepwounds, but then I'd recently pulled a 6* Domino and have since put 4 points back in deep wounds and still having full suicides on.

    So in the end it's all units well spent.

    Just take it easy and gradually add a point here and a point there as you have units available, you don't have to do it all at once.
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    Whether spending on this game is "worth it" is and always has been relative. If you have a large amount of disposable income and really enjoy the game, sure spending can help you progress to especially mid to end game very quickly. For most people however spending isn't worth it. Things lkke masteries and rank resource offers are at least a guaranteed result if you are going to spend though. Stuff like crystals are rarely ever worth it coming from someone who spends quite a bit on them
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    If it’s ‘worth it’ depends on your situation, if you’re just rolling in cash and losing 500 is barley renting your wallet then yes, you might aswell go for it, if 500 is a lot for you then no
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    $500 will not unlock all the masteries.
  • Wade420wilson69Wade420wilson69 Posts: 43
    Theres no need to spend..especially in acts 3 and 4.
  • 1_ShuNeu_11_ShuNeu_1 Posts: 375 ★★★
    Dont spend 500$ flat out
    Wait for those mastery offers and save up resources

    Dont spend a boatload out right
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    Invest in things that give you a spark of joy.
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    TBH i've been a free to play player for a little over a year now and i can tell you that there is nothing wrong with being F2P, yes it is harder and the grind is real sometimes but also i've 100% act 1-4 and completed act 5. So its possible to progress and spending money in this game is sometimes not worth it and in the aspect of masteries i've been grinding arena for units have max despair, DW and assassins. You can save up some units for the December deal that gives you reduced cost on mastery cores like last year.
    One more thing unless you want to compete in the top tier Whale Wars where this game becomes your job then don't just take it slow and enjoy the clown fiesta like up F2P players :D
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    AlphA101 said:

    Ultra8529 said:

    It is a very valid concern and question you have raised; and increasingly something newer players will be thinking about.

    Put it this way - I've been free to play for 4 years now. But I would say that I'm a pretty active player, relatively skilled and have been playing almost from the beginning. Because of all that, I can consider myself in the end-game tier of the game. Achieved what I have only by careful planning and use of my resources, making sure I clear all content at minimal cost, and spending rank up materials only on the best champs.

    All that said, in the past year I have noticed a shift towards making it harder and harder for a free to play player to keep up. The number of deals that are coming out, as well as the content being pushed out - including AQ and AW - increasingly make it harder for a free to play player to have as full an experience.

    On the other hand, it is ever easier for a player willing to spend to keep up. So I guess that's what your choice boils down to. If you wanna be on the top, given your current status, you have to be prepared to spend quite a bit. If you are content not reaching the top tier of the game, then I would say staying free to play would be perfectly fine for you.

    Thanks , I guess I’ll go slow and f2p. The behaviour of this company doesn’t make me comfortable spending. 500 - 600 $ a year is nothing for me tbh.

    Can I have $500?? lol
  • TheHeroDeservedTheHeroDeserved Posts: 650 ★★★
    Personally, i struggled a lot with act 5. I ended up grinding arena for units, which helped me progess. Units can be gained freely, but it takes time and effort.
  • AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
    Thanks everyone..I’ll just take it slow..100% act 4 first and then see how far I can get along in act 5..
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    I've 100% act 5 with no suicides. I am just now thinking about them but will take my time getting cores. Having a little patience will save you a lot in this game. I do spend on some of the deals that come around but unless you really have no other use for $500 then I would wait.
  • JimmyBJimmyB Posts: 200 ★★
    AlphA101 said:

    JimmyB said:

    Dont spend any money on this game. Just be a ftp player and spend your money elsewhere.

    I wonder the same thing , hence my dilemma. Champ bugs not fixed for long time and masteries such as PS , INEQUITY AND RESONATE neither fixed nor refunded , makes me think twice about dealing with such a company.

    If I stop taking this game seriously, there is zero reason to spend

    That's why i said not to spend. You already know the answer.
  • ThreedeadkingsThreedeadkings Posts: 97
    My first advice for you is don’t compare your roster with others. It serves you absolutely no purpose except creating envy. Remember, it is you against the contest, not you against others. I’ve seen beginners, intermediates or even vets lamenting they had trash pulls simply because influencers say so. That’s just tragic. Learn what each champ can do and under what circumstances they’d flourish. Hereafter decide for yourself which champ types suits you best in various game play.

    Second, the game has every avenue for you to collect resource without spending. So do arena. Maybe start with 4* basic arena. Keep collecting units and don’t worry if you cannot hit all milestones. Aim say to do 500k for one arena, and try for 750k next and aim higher for the next. It’s important to pace yourself and keep chipping at the milestones. Arena will become easier over time with roster growth.

    Use units you earned from arena to get cores for mastery build. There isn’t one mastery build that is superior to the other. To each his own. There are good tutorials online that will give you some idea about building mastery. Find one that suits you. But more importantly, understand what each tree can do for you and what is their interaction with champs. Some beginners have a habit of running in circles asking what is the best mastery, but in actual fact they don’t even understand what each mastery branch does half the time.

    Third, join an active ally that can complete 100% 3BG AQ. That will give you access to rank up materials. More rank ups leads to easier arena and resulting in easier resource building process.

    By all means spend if you think it’s worth it or it is necessary to speed things up. I don’t subscribe to the idea that ftps are necessarily better, skilled-wise, and neither do I believe players that pay has a distinct advantage. It’s your money after all and it’s how you measure your own entertainment value. Some individuals will not hesitate to spend $50 every evening downing pints of beer during happy hour, but are left shell-shocked if so God forbid that they need to pay $20 for a movie ticket. So, never ever let others dictate or bully you into believing that spending on a game is a mortal sin with eternal damnation in hell waiting.
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    If anything buy a dank account for 500
  • UfuomahUfuomah Posts: 37
    There are some good deals worth spending on. Don't spend cash on mastery unless there is a deal.
    Also, only rank up champs that will really help you in the game. That way u end up spending less.
    Use loyalty to buy cores for masteries like mystic dispersion to save cash. Run arena for units to buy cores. It took a month or 2 but I did all my masteries without spending a dime.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 31,863 ★★★★★

    If anything buy a dank account for 500

    Buying and selling Accounts is against TOS.
  • StellarStellar Posts: 961 ★★★
    Don't spend money, spend your time doing arena to get units, champions and catalysts.
    Kabam has plenty of whales ready to spend money on this game. Keep your money and have fun with this game ;)
  • AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
    I would not buy an account , simply because I don’t want the risk of it getting banned later and me loosing all my money just like that..besides there is no fun if you can’t see your roster grow and all content has already been completed. It’s like hooking with an escort, you can admire but can’t f***
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