Vivified Node Bugged and Overpowered in Map7

I was asking about the bug on the alliance quest discussion thread for weeks and lately my comments have been deleted and I have been warned by some individual that I should be asking about this on this discussion section so here goes:

The Vivified node has been bugged in Map7 ever since its initial release. The node says that the defender is immune to power drain and lock but it does NOT say anything about power burn and power steal. However, the node is bugged since power burn and power steal do not work against the node as well. When the node was first introduced it had Dr. Voodoo as an option to use against this node as a POWER BURN option but even the champ you guys suggest is not working! There have been people who used OG Vision for POWER BURN, Rogue and Psylocke for POWER STEAL and they failed miserably as well. I personally have been using Corvus, getting 3 charges from the OG vision with mesmerise and taking these fights since he cannot die and other than that I have not found any feasible options.

On top of that, the suggestions that had Spidergwen and Gpool for the enervate are not good options to use because the champions on this path are Killmonger with the node that has a 70% chance to shrug all debuffs, Diablo with his unique unstoppable triggering node, a KORG, Iron Patriot(thanks for an easy fight lol) and a King Groot with 1600 health/sec on the regeneration phase!

So in a nutshell, the node is overpowered, has limited viable options and the options that have been provided are bugged. Can somebody please check the bug that have been on live servers for weeks?


  • Jawarrior2001Jawarrior2001 Posts: 244
    Would be nice to hear a response, surely if immune to power lock/drain, that in theory other abilities like power burn should work.

    Doc Voodoo is a workhorse for me in quests with his abilities, if vivified means power burn immune as well just say so rather than ignoring everyone and eventually robbing them off.
  • tafretafre Posts: 66

    This is from the post where they first introduced the new nodes and they include Dr, Voodoo and Psylocke, which means that power burn and power steal should be viable as Dr. Voodoo power burns and Psylocke power steals. But those two mechanics do not work. I am posting a video which showcases Rogue trying to power steal but she fails and gets an sp3 to the face.

    I could not find a Dr. Voodoo or somebody with power burn failing against this node but the alliance quest discussion thread has people complaining about Dr. Voodoo not working with Power burn so I will take their word for it. Please check this, this has been on live servers for weeks and all that has been done is ignoring these annoying bugs
  • Hey there, we let the rest of the team know and they are looking into this.
  • tafretafre Posts: 66
    This node is live again, has anything been fixed about the issues that were raised or should we suffer with Corvus for another week? @Kabam Zibiit
  • tafretafre Posts: 66
    AQ Goes live tomorrow, if the iteration with Vivified is live again, will it be a fixed version or will it be ignored again? Getting tired of posting on the forums constantly and I don’t like the comments getting deleted as well... Any update at all would be super helpful this is a very frustrating and tricky node.
  • tafretafre Posts: 66
    Again this node, has it been fixed or are we facing another week of a bugged BS node without compensation?
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