Ant-man Sp1

I've been using ant-man more frequently after getting ghost and I noticed that the opponent blocked my sp1. I did a normal 5-hit combo (mlllm) and I launched the sp1 as soon as possible. It's just like the voodoo and og iron man, and I hope it won't be as long to fix it like iron man.


  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 2,118 Guardian
    edited November 2019
    This is still occurring. Ant Man whiffs the 1st swing (and occasionally the 2nd) of his S1. Doesn't appear to have a localized spot, as I've experienced it in Solo Quests, and Arena. Can't say whether it happens in AQ or AW as I don't bring him there. The only time I can get the 1st hit to connect chaining the S1 out of a 5 hit combo is when the champ is backed against the wall.

    EDIT - Apologies for the external sounds. Apparently my case makes noises while playing and this is my 1st video uploaded to YouTube, lol. Will figure out how to shut off the microphone for future vids.

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