How ready is my roster for 4* basic arena?

This is my roster and I plan to do 4* basic arenas to expand it. My account is more than 60 days old. I'm wondering if I do arena everytime my champs are refreshed, how many points can I possibly get? And which champs will have lower cutoffs for me to grind out?


  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 421 ★★★
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    You should be able to hit the lower cutoffs, assuming you do it every 2 hours, and not lose your streak, might need some arena point boosts though.

    Most 4* basic cutoffs are pretty low, like you can get Blue Cyclops for under 2M now...

    I'd say, give it a shot, and see how many points you can get, you need to learn champ moves anyway, and might as well get points for it.
  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 656 ★★★
    Not really ready for infinite streak. Which means getting 2 mil will be a super grind.

    Need to rank those 4*s up. Get Sparky, Iceman, Stealthy and Nick Fury up to 3/30 ASAP (in that order). You have some good champs.

    Take a look into your masteries as well, you probably don’t have most unlocked, but getting a high PI on your champs with Masteries is going to help a lot.

    A good place to practice is getting that 1.1 mil in T4B arena and you need those to 4/40 your four stars. It’s been a while, but once you have 3 4/40s you can refresh them to get an infinite streak, but you can’t maintain it without a lot of 3/30s. Good luck!
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 4
    Here is something I use for the 4star basic arena to maintain my streaks.

    Hope this helps you.

    PS with your lineup you can still do it, but a lotta effort to get past 2.5Mil
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