Increasing t3cc availability

@Kabam Miike It would be great if medium difficulty (in Labs and in next special quests) rewarded some t3cc. They're so rare in this game!


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    MEKA5 said:

    @Kabam Miike It would be great if medium difficulty (in Labs and in next special quests) rewarded some t3cc. They're so rare in this game!

    a little too rare, really, considering everything else ...

    The daily proving grounds, and rotating class quests definitely need a re-visit ... they are so woefully unmaintained .. it's kinda sad . :(
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    This is part of a bigger dilemma where the players are experiencing having to sacrifice their tier 4,5,and 6 ISO-8 from the time limits placed on them to be used on lesser champs from loosing it to the expiration time limits on them, trying obtain the rarity of receiving t3cc.
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    The way this issue is, it is like shooting yourself in the foot then telling yourself, you can walk the extra mile, using up most of your tier 4,5,and 6 class ISO-8s, on 2* and 3* champions, then when it is time to rank up a 4*or 5* champ, the player is all out of that specific class of upper tier ISO-8,because of the time limit on them either expire or length of time it take to get whole fragment of tier3 and tier 4 catalysts.
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    I quite like this idea, though the optimal solution has already been produced if you coughed up the goods for the Sigil and you can get yourself a T3CC selector which makes me think that it won’t necessarily be updated.

    What I would like to see is the daily catalyst quests be bugged in one of two ways (or both):
    - Reduce the energy cost of them to 1, or at the very most, 2. Let’s be real, they are Act 3 level content at their hardest and are tediously boring and longer than necessary.
    - Increase the amount of catalyst shards you get to 400 for completion, 1000 for exploration. With 500 to a fully formed catalyst from both chests. This would guarantee you at least one full catalyst per 100% and if you had a little bit of luck, additional fully formed catalysts. It would also make it worth re-running the quest for the chest rewards.

    As it stands the energy cost of 100% the T3CC quest is 81 which is ridiculous for what you’re getting out of it. Now, I find it annoying to have to run these quests and I have the full complement of 70 energy, but as I only really rank 5* and run maps 5/6 in AQ I don’t get any T3CC from AQ either. Thankfully most of my champions are now beyond the need for T3CC so it is a rare irritation for me to have but here is my main gripe...

    Low levelled and newer players - imagine it, at level 25? you’ve just pulled yourself your first 4*, you’re over the moon upon discovery that Domino does indeed do absolutely crazy damage. You’re pumped at the idea of going into Act 3 and smacking about Thanos and saving poor Tony’s life but can’t because in order to R3 the Champion you need 1 T3CC so you dutifully do the quest, calling your alliance for help 3/4 through the quest. You complete what was a hard piece of content for your junior roster and still developing mastery of the finer points of parry and dexterity. Chuffed to bits, you finally kill that boss and you receive, to your horror a total of 500 shards.

    You think, na not interested and decide you’ll just go play a bit of Fifa and right off the game as too much effort to get off the ground.
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